Zeynep Tufekci: How the Internet has made social change easy to organize, hard to win

Zeynep Tufekci: How the Internet has made social change easy to organize, hard to win

Today the speed at which we spread information is so fast that a single email can launch a worldwide awareness campaign, as with the Occupy movement. Yet as techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci…



Aaron MK says:

So the basic gist of this talk: the internet has made easier protest
movements and thus made people more relaxed to make reform, and when things
wear on a few weeks their attention spans run dry and they leave without
having done anything significant.

TheLivirus says:

Has any TED talk ever said anything negative about the internet?

Fu Dan Chu says:

Life without social media is something I can easily imagine, and currently

Mercedes Fancellu says:

And the importance of tea without sugar.

sara meachel says:

These movements are impulsive and stupid ! Waste of time and the protesters
think they represent millions of people who didn’t join them but they are
very terribly wrong! Revolutions never brought good upon civilization
instead they brought chaos and blood … Think and fix others mistakes
instead of just complaining

Henry Savit says:

An unbelievable number of people lack social consciousness in this day and
age- a time when we could benefit from it more than ever. Truly the
juxtaposition that defines a generation of narcissistic armchair

CHAS1422 says:

Good discussion. Protests are thin in terms of action. They simply bring
together a common voice, but actions speak louder than words. I remember
the environmentalists back in the 70’s protesting. Bu the ones who made a
difference were the engineers and mechanics who design build and install
better wind turbines to generate renewable power, or the solar panel
engineers, manufacturers and installers, or the Architects and engineers
who design energy efficient buildings, or the engineers and mechanics who
design and build hybrid cars.

Indeed, protests are like sugar. In small quantities its great, but in the
long run it is just empty calories.

Flix Ceballos says:

I’m a really old school guy. watch the video and see how it is better to
meet face to face than just clicking and playing the game of revolution
from your desk. Something is missing, what is it?


5 Minutinhos says:

It’s a good subject, but she is not a great speaker.

walperstyle says:

Instead of being an activist, why don’t you spend the energy building a
better tomorrow, or making change. Its time for an attitude check
internet… anyone can be angry and destructive. Time to get out and
build. No more protests. Time to take up engineering and science and
prove to us the tomorrow you want is within grasp! 

Tianne Wade says:

Zeynep Tufekci: How the Internet has made social change easy to
organize…: http://youtu.be/Mo2Ai7ESNL8

Mike Skowronek says:
Bhruic says:

Pretty sure I’m not the only one who enjoys seeing these inane movements

CMSonYT says:


(the comments will now explode)

Giybetci Kodu says:

she didnt take one single step in 15 min ..wow..
and what was your point with all the same words, gezi,penguins blabla..?

Sally Whitemane says:

it seems to me that people complaining about sjw bullshit either did not
listen to or understand what she was actually saying. because the entire
argument is that social media alone is not good enough to really make
serious changes, which is a perfectly sensible statement. it’s the reason
why liking a facebook status does not feed starving children, cure cancer
or capture kony. whether or not she is being hypocritical or unwittingly
ironic is entirely beside the point.

CheeseLoversUnited says:

*blink* it looks like a lot of people here just saw the words “social
justice” and had a knee jerk reaction of mouth-frothing rage, which seems a
little hypocritical given that they accuse the imaginary monolith of
“social justice” of having the same knee-jerk tendencies. this is a pretty
innocuous talk about the nature of social movement — it doesn’t even
address specific issues much, just looks at social change in a broader
context. Unless, of course, you believe any movement to change or improve
society is inherently worthless, which is — a hilariously delusional

TheGuyWhoSkisWithPoi says:

Have you considered that the “slow way” might inherently lead to
hierarchical organisation, as a result of the flow of information through
the people involved – that would seem to be the key difference, but you
neglected to consider it in your talk.

KnowledgePlaylists says:

Zeynep Tufekci: How the Internet has made social change easy to organize,
hard to win | Zeynep Tufekci | TED Talks |

2LegHumanist says:

It certainly has helped armchair social justice warriors to vilify people
and vent their feigned sactamonious outrage at their invisible straw

thmstbst says:

The only part of the old system I can think of that would be different
would be identifiable leaders, and cold hard cash. Commenters what are
your ideas?

dattebenforcer says:


Benjamin Wiseman says:

Prediction based on title: SJW harping on about how oppressed
she/xie/zir/it is because despite the ease of finding an internet hug box
full of people who never disagree with SJWs, real people in the real world
don’t care about them. 

Agus H says:

Take that Kony2012!

realnarutoboy says:

Another idiotic Ted video. Hey, Ted, anymore pro-Muslim videos coming down
the pipeline?

Marius Wagner says:

how is the program from those new zealand guys exactly called which would
enable participatory decision making? Would like to read more about it:)

Shoaib Ahmed says:

Please look at a revolutionary political party in India called AAP (Aam
Admi Party; English: Common Man Party) which is making waves in the
country. It was a party that started as a common man uprising led by
‘regular folks’ fighting for stronger ombudsman legislations that got sick
and tired of the system so went mainstream.
Just last week the party won 67 out of 70 Delhi state legislative Assembly
seats. Much of their movement too was organised through social media. This
woman needs to do her research. 

Newy Oudone says:

Seriously, this script gets tedious. If you want change, you make change.
If they oppress the change, that’s a different story. Otherwise, changes
are made for you.

The problem is not how easy or hard it is to mobilize, but that we have no

Notice: Social injustice?
People: “Gather the masses!” *Gathering. . .*
Politicians: “We acknowledge your existence. What would you like us to do?”
People: Everyone looks dumfounded at each other for answers. . . “Fix it!”
Politicians: *Face palms* “Right! Will do.”
*Time passes and changes are made. . .*
People: “I hate politicians. They’re so incompetent, even I could have done

Meerasaibo FAZLUL HAQ says:

Zeynep Tufekci: How the Internet has made social change easy to
organize…: http://youtu.be/Mo2Ai7ESNL8

Monserrat Mares Tapia says:

Ok stop talking you lost me

realnarutoboy says:

#BlackLivesMatter, #CheckYourPrivilege, #YoloSwag4Life

Ezrvcz says:

I really have no idea what this woman is talking about. The turkish media
was full of news about gezi park. After she told the part about the
penguins I wanted to stop watching this bullshit.

How can you expect that a channel does a 24 hour newsreport about a
protest? So you throw some stuff in between and this time it was penguins.
This doesn’t mean there weren’t any reports about gezi park it was full off
it. And being someone turkish and watching the news I grew tired off these
gezi park protest news reports.

tussilein2012 says:

does someone know what is the name of the argentinian group? democray e___?

PlacentaPudding says:

Another Social Justice Warrior.


Rockstargames6 says:


Rockstargames6 says:

More like how internet fucked up social life and society

Rockstargames6 says:

TED is a bullshit propagandachannek where they only show what the USA/NWO
considers as hot topic.
Either you are lying with “climate change” promote Gay and Tranny
lifestyle, promote Massmigration, promote SEVERAL TIMES the pedo deathcult
Islam and also the ebola lie

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