What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

Most of us are on the Internet on a daily basis and whether we like it or not, the Internet is affecting us. It changes how we think, how we work, and it eve…



Epipheo says:

You’re obviously on the Internet right now. Nice. We are, too. But do you
know what this place is doing to your brain?

Marguerita Farrell says:

brain blown 😉

wow so much too see, find out about and think over!

thanks for sharing your view of this amazing world with me

off to get my brain back to normal via the application of reading a good
book! Actually my intention is to grab a good book, head out and find a
large tree, skim up it, find a branch with the perfect incline, settle on
down and enjoy the read surrounded by nature 😉 sods law, there will be
mosquitoes LOL

have a great Saturday night and a rather brilliant day tomorrow 😉

oh and just in case you don’t know what on earth I am talking about when I
say it feels like my brain is blown, here you go, this is the logic behind
that statement

Marcello Mongardi says:

Speaking to balance and distraction.

Patrick Green says:

Excellent conversation starter on “balance” in our connected lives.

MegaSTEBASLO says:

internet sucks

Micajah McCuen says:


IAmCharlene2000 says:

I am laughing at the comments section!

0i1f says:

dumb shit video. google database is simply just longterm memory for us
which takes a little longer to access then the memory in our brain. it is
an extension to us. the ones who take advantage of technology will
survive. see ya

Bianca TeRito says:

Excellent watch –> What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. Creativity,
thought processes, ideas, and how we think. 

Naceron Dzigner says:

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for
going backwards. 

Steve Turnbull says:

Time we thought this through I reckon..

Datpersonthing says:

What I have found, is that simply not having social media kind of
eliminates the issue of distractions. It’s how you use it, really.

XxnEr0xXxMaNexX says:

the problem with this idea is the pre-assumed notion that every single
person on earth is a texting, tweeting moron who can’t pay attention to
anything else for more than 2 seconds, from which this entire hypothesis is
derived, which is wrong on so many levels. I’ve acquired so much more
information from the internet and with such little effort that it leads me
to believe this entire video is bullshit.

Manuela Efe says:

Time we thought this through I reckon..

Sofia Milian says:

It is ironic that we are finding this out through the web.

Steven JG says:

All depends what you use the internet for. Were in the information age due
to the internet. Is this video creator really so naive?

Sami LABED says:

But, I wanna be a robot :-)

Trent VanderWert says:

Humans are just like every other creature on earth. “Human Nature” is
complete bullshit, we adapt to the ever changing environment around us.
Information is also evolving, some information can be valued at more than
others. The information only is as relevant as it needs to be, people
ponder more on the information they need. Like, if i need to know what the
capital of New York is, this information would be less relevant than say
information in regards to a debate i’m involved in or regarding to a
project i’m currently challenging myself with. I’ve learned most of my
hobbies from talking to other people and learning by interacting with
people of all different cultures and obtaining different perspectives.
Different people learn different things by looking at them in different
perspectives. This video claims that a life changing idea could be out
focused by an email. If you’ve ever had a life changing idea, you come to
find yourself thinking about it for days. Our brains are adapting to the
excessive amounts of information that we are constantly trying to determine
what is relevant.

I would say, the internet did for me, what schooling could not. I have
found the lust for knowledge and information and I classify it within my
mind accordingly. We clear our mind of our own volition. You can’t tell me
you’ve never had an “information overload” and just start losing focus.
People just need to find better ways of balancing knowledge and determining
what information is most important so we can evolve as individuals

Ryan Jogs says:

it’s funny because like…you know, the urban…you know, like the one
that….the one that…yeah, it’s just funny, hang on text message

Tracy Vanity says:

It’s a great reminder to log off and experience real life. I am totally
addicted to the internet but I don’t have a smartphone so I can experience
real life when I leave the house. As a writer who procrastinates a lot on
the internet, I am working on being able to log off even at home so I can
create and learn and continue to grow as a human being and not just simply

Maurits Dekker says:

Those catvideo’s will be here when you get back.

روح النرجس says:

Actually amazing ! 

Hicham Guik says:

Calm down & focus on one think at time ..

http://www.youtube.com/irmensul13 says:

This is government propaganda-the TRUTH is that people are far more aware
of important things than they were ten years ago

Joel Morrobel says:

We need to start paying attention. 

miles dittmar says:

And yet everyone watching this is using enter net right now

Natespank says:

Is it bad that I had to watch this twice because my mind kept wandering?

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