What is Joomla? Learn about the Joomla! Application

What is Joomla? Learn about the Joomla! Application

http://www.joomla.org/about-joomla.html Download Joomla! http://www.joomla.org/download.html Joomla is one of the worlds most popular CMS platforms Since 200…



KingDmovies says:

there are only 5 continents…

mybikevideos says:

Terrible name for this video. It doesn’t tell you what Joomla is at all…
all it does is tell you how many people use it and how many awards it has

CMS Star Magazine says:

Long live #Joomla!

DaviiD TecH says:

so what the hell is joomla

brblol70 says:

This does not answer “what is joomla?” 

Samuel Rocha García says:

lol stop bragging and talk more about Joomla

JESBOY says:

They don’t tell you what is Joomla!!! The only this its important… go to
joomla.org for more information and to get started

FrugalFreak says:

that video is useless, where is the video showing HOW to use joomla, what
it does, features included. We don’t want a marketing video.

Chan Park says:

for fuck sake this is the worst introduction video ever! stop bragging how
fucking famous you guys are and tell me what you fucking do?


i dont care about ur website hits tell me what it fucking does

Fernando salvador Bañuls Pérez says:


Marcell White says:

Thanx for only stating how popular this is, exactly what I wanted to

oplowman says:

Either stop printing the text in the video, or shut the commentary off. We
can all read: we don’t need to have the comments read to us as though we
are in grade school! The constant “whumpf” noises are rather silly, too.

Cuong Vo Ta says:

I love Joomla 3.

snaileri says:

This video didn’t help at all.

ThePhiloctopus says:

“What is Joomla”; An introductory video for people who already know what
Joomla is.

Spiritu3.com says:

Páginas web con Joomla! 3.3.0 Released, Custom Templates – Componentes –
Módulos – Plugins, PHP & MySql, Asesoramiento webmaster y Soporte en línea
desde cualquier parte del mundo. Contáctanos – info@spiritu3.com– Cel. –
Whatsapp – Line: +593 979055652 mira los beneficios en este video oficial.

Hiarly Alves Paiva says:
Webdesign Dubiel Webdesign & Werbeagentur says:

Durch die Verwendung von CMS-Systemen flexibel bleiben!

Blacksky Rar says:

Yes, that is all very nice animation….but what the hell is Joomla and
what does it do?

Goustan BODIN says:

lousy intro vid : plenty of numbers and says nowhere about what it is.

Tom Csobi says:


TJ Horner says:


Mark Hans Aven says:

This video didn’t explain what a CMS platform is, it just talked about how
many people use Joomla.

Philip Robb says:

So you told me what Joomla has done not what Joomla is……

Joomla Web Hosting Canada says:

Joomla is one of the worlds most popular CMS platforms.

Since 2006, it has been downloaded more than 30 million times with a new
download every 2.5 seconds.

Check out the new features in Joomla 3 in this video.

Thomas Robinson says:

Good marketing video for people who know web design and such already, but,
for people who hear the word Joomla in passing and want to know what it is,
stats don’t help much.

Patrick King says:

lol…”What are [we] waiting for?” For you to tell us what Joomla is. The
joomla site doesn’t tell us either!

Madilyn Ferguson says:

iLockout specializes in building Joomla sites 🙂 Call for details!

Incarnate says:

Incarnate Solution creates latest joomla responsive cms for your
organization – $500 upwards (Rs 50000 upwards)

sapientiDei says:

The extensions are over 9000! (hehehe)

Réseau Dialna says:
Sibelle says:

Vad är Joomla?

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