'U.S. Navy Says UFOs Are Real, UFO Hunters Are Thrilled'

'U.S. Navy Says UFOs Are Real, UFO Hunters Are Thrilled'

dryriver writes: Vice/Motherboard writes that since the U.S. Navy admitted that its pilots encounter unidentified flying objects all the time, and mainstream news outlets like the New York Times have devoted coverage to Navy Pilots’ UFO encounter stories, old UFO hunters around the world feel vindicated, and many new younger people are taking an interest in the phenomenon.

For decades people who believe in UFOs, UFO lore and take UFO sightings and UFO encounters seriously have been widely ridiculed as stupid, uneducated, gullible, deluded or crazy. Now that highly trained military pilots are talking about encountering UFOs all the time and mainstream media doesn’t ridicule UFO sightings anymore — this only took a few decades — a fundamental taboo appears to have been broken. UFO sightings are suddenly real, not a product of overactive imaginations, people mistaking clouds for aliens or people spreading fake news to sell books, seminars and videos.

The question is, why, for so long, did mainstream media systematically ignore and ridicule a phenomenon just about everybody around the world has some knowledge of and had some exposure to? And if UFOs are “officially not crazy” now, what else that still is ridiculed by the MSM may also turn out to be “officially not crazy” in the future?

As a counterpoint, long-time Slashdot reader Martin S. argues that “UFO’s are real, they are unidentified flying objects. There is absolutely no evidence that they are Aliens.

“If people continue to equate them with little green men then they can still expect to be ridiculed.”

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