TLDR: What Technology Irritates You Most?

TLDR: What Technology Irritates You Most?

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RJ Rosa says:

all geeks must follow this guy he is awesome๏ปฟ

Jason Nostro says:

What technology irritates me the most? Umm Windows and the constant
rebooting andlag on my nexus 7 running 4.2.

Screen1cf says:

Chris the lifeproof is a good case and you can get one for your ipad 4

Pieper32 says:

I bought a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS last week. I needed a better camera for
low light photos

Seth Goldberg says:

Check out Liquipel. I read about it last night in Popular Science. Not a
case, but it waterproofs your phone by applying a “hydrophobic gas” to the
phone. Pretty funky.

gmcnewlook says:

not to mention for the same money you can get a pretty decent laptop……
with a hella lot more space…. 16gb for 519?! please my laptop cost the
same and has 600gb!

Matthijs Hogendoorn says:

I fucking hate my iPod touch 4th generation, it’s so damn slow

Yuri Shevchouk says:

what about those that hate google, they must hate their life :0 google is
everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ PS: Chris your vlog’s are getting better and better ๐Ÿ™‚

Anthony Esposito says:

Casemate pop

anasblue says:

iphone cracker switch to Nokia

Vince Pace DeMarco says:

TDLR: “Your daily dose Of tech news, Gadget views. Another step the world
can use!” …how long did it take you to rhyme those words? ๐Ÿ™‚

Michael H says:

Hey Chris, my campaign has been published and promoted in an article I
wrote for a medical site, most read and commented on. Yeah I am proud.
Check it out Bought a Sony DSRL for journalism work last year

MrPhatSlim says:

Yep Otter Box cases are fugly!! ๐Ÿ™

zack hawley says:

If android had the exact same apps as apple would you still use an iPhone
as a daily driver. Why not switch to nexus 4

Miguel Cortes says:


Munxy BR says:

the most irritating tech ever is wires at least the ones that tangle

Uthman Baksh says:

That attachment, she’s a big!

EclipseMints08 says:

There should be laws where you can’t be denied a job by social media. It’s
a good thing states like CA have put those laws in place for employment.

Shialahsha xeonu says:

chris….yes 40 million IS A LOT EVEN IF THERE ARE 100 MILLION PCS

Cyberglace07 says:

Check these cases out. They’re pretty sweet. They use D30 gel for impact
protection. Tech21.

Kevin de Bie says:

Employers need to stay out of social media as long as its not about the
company’s interest. I may say things my empoyer will find disagreeable but
never do I say things that would discredit my employer. Untill I do so I
expect him to stay off my back about it, to be honest.

Irtanto Charisma says:

WOW 40 million windows 8 for a month that will shut all haters

Jeremy Bland says:

How can you say the restoration process is bad when you have way to many
apps that I bet about 30 are used every week. They can’t really control the
size of your backups.

NaudanX says:

Why would you need 1080p? To see his pores?

Erick Contreras says:

lol Chris you really got your money’s worth with that fake mustache.

darkstar11235 says:

what camera does he use to vlog?

TechXSoftware says:

get rid of troll Chris please, just stick rid normal Chris, im losing the
locker-gnome experience

SSPENC3R says:

And other stuff the world can use*

Joshua Bermudez says:


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