The World of Social Media in 2011 – All The Statistics, Facts and Figures

The World of Social Media in 2011 – All The Statistics, Facts and Figures

Get to grips with the latest stats and figures around internet and social media usage in 2011 and discover the world of social media courtesy of digital mark…



Claire Callan says:

This is a old video from 2011 but you can see how much communication
technology was growing back then. Now imagine how much it has increased up
until now. And it is only going to keep growing in years to come.

hundley311 says:

Facebook is taking over the world not just playing but Facebook twitter Ali
social networks are great ways to promote your business or just do some
stupid and wide the owners of these networks are making billions and
billions and billions of dollars. That’s why lots of people are trying to
start the next big social network is this amazing where you could do on
Facebook, twitter post status updates and one that

rocky4432901 says:

Rocky Radio……….. This brings home my new nick names for Facebook &
Google. The nicknames are Facebook Nation & Google Nation.

Kino AAP says:

I didn’t know Facebook had became a country…lol

DerekkWu says:

the video is worng china is the most populated

Nathan H says:

@Eiiotube Correct(:

nigahigaequals3 says:

what music is used for this video?

Anthony Gallup says:

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off a text message marketing[DOT]yeptext[DOT]com/promocode/MYOFFER

Hengky Khoo says:

anybody can make video like this, i will hire.. please reply. thanks

Mariel Navarrete says:

i need the name of the music please! 😀

WorgenAlliance says:

@dancemaniaplayerr Do you realize that facebook is what all of the really
hard workers need? People like me, who work 2 jobs and only have 1 hour per
day to socialize. I can keep track of all of my friends who are in the army
posted over seas, watch something like this, and reply to your comment all
in the time that it used to take me to wright ONE LETTER or make ONE
PHONECALL. Look at the big picture, don’t just look at the few who live on
facebook. Look at the majority who use it like me.

austensvids says:

The music on this videos scratches the nerves in my brain, like nails down
a chalkboard.

CanadianHamburger says:

you mean 125 million? theres only about 7 billion people

Erik Wahlen says:

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Tyler Murphy says:

what s the name of this song????

zanzynga says:

Dont know if you agree that current social networks are “closed
networks”… If yes, then you would like to know about “Open social
network”. Just google “Evolution of Humor Destination PosterPie” and tell
what do you think….

taipasboy says:

Propaganda descarada do FB!

Pinko Balinko says:

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search)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my sister made tons
of money it.

TheLoveformankind says:

@WhiskersMctabby facebook is for losers who have no life in reality

103phoenix says:

This is innacurate, India is not the country with the most people, it is
still china

yungspork says:

do you have a tab for the guitar? lol

rbourgh1 says:

the web is getting bigger and getting more static with huge amounts of
members per services!

dancemaniaplayerr says:

…u know who I’D give thumbs up? to the hard-working kid OUT there, that’s
asking “what’s facebook?”

EverSpark Interactive says:

In 2011, the number of UK consumers who were influenced by information they
found on blogs was at 77 percent. Social media has grown exponentially
since then. Businesses cannot afford to ignore social media and expect to

Glenn Melrose says:

This vid is awesome….

Vikram Tiwari says:

China is the most populated…not India! Check your records! But good
videos over all! 🙂

Pharaoh Prince says:

MEDIA… people try and set others up for jobs? Dont do it for me. And dont
ask me what I CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY. Why would I work for usa when I have
a bank account I didnt know about with shit loads of money? And 2nd… my
job or style of WORK is confidential haha. Try and arrest me. I have a
CAMERA in me haha. I dont have to confess shit. YOU ARE LIVING IN MY EMPIRE
I SET UP FOR YOU FROM MY IDEAS AND DREAM. So fuck you usa. You should of
told me this FIRST before lieing to me.

gariouscom says:

well researched video! I also love the idea of adding the source on each

Mjhond says:

Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing Get to grips with the latest stats and
figures around internet and social media usage in 2011 and discover the
world of social media courtesy of digital marketing agency Omobono.

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