The Social Web of Things

The Social Web of Things

Ericsson believes that in the Networked Society, more than 50 billion things will be connected, in order to make our lives and our businesses more efficient and more enjoyable. Hi, Great to…



박동훈 says:

아무리 심심해도 ‘집이 나의 중국어 공부 진도를 물을 때’ 내가 답할 일은 없을 듯.

mj chang says:

Still, I feel that the man is loney. In the future, what we do?

Riley McCloskey says:

Social Media + IoT = Social Home

한설아 says:

영화 ‘Her’가 생각나네욤 ㅎㅎ

Tom Putnam says:

Yeah, just what we need is somebody driving in a rain storm while “talking”
to his home/house and not paying attention to the driving he’s doing. As to
fixing dinner by having the range start to cook while he’s coming home, how
did the food get into the pot? Hopefully, if it was something like soup or
such it wouldn’t have been sitting in the pot all day. Good way to get food
poisoning or some such. Then the poor guy forgoes talking to his supposed
girl friend and opts to watch a sports event which he could probably have
recorded and watched later. So what if seeing it would be delayed a few

Do connected things make life easier, in some ways, definitely. In some
ways, not a bit. Hopefully by that time guys will have decided that 2-3
days of beard growth is more of a sign of laziness than manliness!

H.J. Shin says:

The Social Web of Things… IoT가 발전하면 저렇게 되겠군.

역시 커플 브레이크는 최고야! 캬캬캬!

Nik Dagoth says:

Офигенный ролик.

Bien Pensado says:

Ericsson nos enseña un buen ejemplo, como puede ser la web social en un

Internet de las Cosas #IoT The Social Web of Things

¿Piensas que se quedará en ciencia ficción o que por el contrario
llegaremos al nivel tecnológico del vídeo antes de lo que pensamos?

Shahin Mammadzada says:
Łukasz Szeremeta says:
Šime Vidas says:


Botize says:

Un buen ejemplo de lo que puede ser el #IoT (Internet de las Cosas) en un
futuro inmediato The Social Web of Things

Frederic Emam-Zadé Gerardino says:
Ramprasad Kalidindi says:
Héctor Abascal says:
Nishant Balyan says:

Its not ‘The Social Web of Things’ but ‘The Web of Things’ . Social is
related to society or community not things.

BEEVA says:

Un buen ejemplo de lo que puede ser el “Internet de las Cosas” #IoT en un
futuro cercano The Social Web of Things

Łukasz Szeremeta says:
Botize says:

Un buen ejemplo de lo que puede ser el #IoT (Internet de las cosas) en un
futuro inmediato The Social Web of Things

Karol Waśko says:

Aż chce się mieszkać

seyda günes says:

Machine to machine sayesinde evinizi uzaktan yönetmenin zevki!

Akrati Goel says:


Parul Agrawal says:

Re-defining social 🙂
The Social Web of Things

Jim Weaver says:

Kewl. Love the way I have my home setup. Talks to me, asks about movie
download or watch game instead.

Vineyard Winkles says:

twitter controla…

Síodhachán Mac Seóirse says:
Mohamed Khaled says:

Future will make our home and furniture our close friends :D

Leandro Andrade says:
Santii K says:

Todo en ingles y el partido de futbol en español xD que carajo

Nicola Orlandini says:
Delis Williams says:

#teamEricsson #hetnet #iweek You have to watch this video…

Serghei Nicolaescu says:

Понравился ролик. Хорошая идея.

Sana Chkir says:


Miguel Castillejo says:

The social web of things

Carlos Pinhatelli says:

What song is that? *.*

FrankLincolnWright says:

david has shit hair.

Jesse Beck says:

Was a good “rough” attempt at showing what the future would be like, but I
foresee some major differences. Emoticons will be replaced by real pictures
or voice. the phone would not be as bulky, would be flimsy and could be
used as a watch. The car would be driving itself or at least have a
solution to the distraction of interacting with a computer while driving.
His clothes would be computerized and computers would not be making jokes
at each other (I am sure this was in jest though).

dassahhp says:

am i the only one into david’s hair?….

Dorothea Axelson says:

Find it at /z1Iq7nGRmiI

MonarC87 says:

I’d actually wouldn’t mind this kinda life.

MrMartena56 says:

Jesus you guys tried really hard to make that as creepy as humanly
possible. Funnily enough none of this video feels very ‘human’. This shit
right here is not good. I would have had the house encourage him to slay
Sophie like a true bro.

displacednaija says:

How about intelligent roads and cars in the future? A failsafe system in
which cars run on efficient fuels/electricity and the cars speak to the
roads by means of software.

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