Technology Vs Consumerism

Technology Vs Consumerism

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Computing Forever says:

Technology Vs Consumerism

Liam Jaffray says:

Agree 100% with you Dave. The smart people will buy a refurbished Mac. 

littlesoldiergraba says:

Great video, I do agree with you.

Soham Chakraborty says:

I agree with you….the 2000$ latest tech product will become outdated by

Peanutsreveng3 says:

Another good video Dave. Really wish I’d come across your channel before as
watching 5 years worth of videos in one go’s pretty hard work.

I have a pretty good idea that consumerism counters technological
development and these the reasons that come to mind now;

Business want to maximise profits which can come from cutting costs. If
their competitor is behind the curve on development, the leading company
can hold back their latest developments for one or two cycles until they
need to release it.
The more they’re holding back, the less they need/can develop further for a

For a business to succeed, it needs to continue to sell its wares, there’s
a HUGE incentive not to bring something to market that will last a
life-time, whether technologically (it completely solves the problem) or
through failure (engineer it better).

The best and brightest engineers (I’m lumping designers, software
engineers, hardware wetware, interface blah blah… into “engineers”) will
likely go where there’s the perception of the most development and most
resources for development. These are usually the leaders in their
respective fields with the highest profit margins, however, because the
focus of those companies is to make profit, the best and brightest
engineers are working on making a fucking selfie camera have more
megapixels and jigaherts numbers rather than truly useful, society changing
Are the drug companies really looking to cure cancer, or do the sensible,
capitalist thing and keep releasing more and more drugs to treat the
symptoms for longer and longer.

The people working for these companies are pulling their hair out about the
direction of development but there’s not quite enough hair on the floor for
a social shift, not quite yet.

Talons of the Raven says:

Great video Dave, even when doing these tech videos , you come across with
great sincerity and humbleness and you always review this stuff with common
sense, wisdom , honesty, good advice for tech consumers and an abundance of
empathy for the environment…. its very rare to hear other tech youtubers
make such valid and important points about these topics! …………….i
salute you!

Mauersegler says:

spot on !! capitalism sucks so bad !! i hope the web will stop it and
lead us to humanism .. we need to spot to destroy us and the planet !!

SuperFIFTHGEAR says:

Oh no, my 512GB SSD isn’t big enough. I’ll just throw it away and buy a
new computer, then in another year have the same issue.

Of course I’m joking, I don’t have any SSD’s. I really hate the way
everything is going and how you cannot upgrade anything.

Julio Cuello says:

I agree. Actually I’ve always prefer to save some money, go and buy a
mid-range phones with decent performance

Botsis Anargyros says:

Totally agreed !

I have an iPhone 3Gs as daily driver, ;with a broken screen + back 3 years
now) that was an impulse buy 6 years ago when i firstly bought it and even
back then it never served my needs for durability and simple things such as
quick number dial and a file manager system.

I am now considering to buy a second hand Evolveo 3G + Wifi Dual Sim ( it
is not a smartphone by the way and it is super extra durable). It is chip
and IP68 certified. Let alone the 3 year warranty that nobody else provides
( since they expect you to buy a new phone every year )

Morzanhu says:

I had to gave some thoughts to this. Because when i looked at first i
thought technology and science is more important than consumerism. There’s
a couple ways you can look at this. There’s the more advanced stuff is
better way. Well yes but my problem with the science nowadays is that it’s
getting more and more crazy. I mean like 3D printer prints heart?! What the
hell?! It’s so scary to think about it, and i think replacing parts of your
body with printed parts is crazy. On the other hand consumerism is baad for
the envinronment. And on top of all of this there’s the economical way to
look at this. So obviously both ways has it’s advantages and it’s
disadvantages. All i can say is that all of us is part of this entire
thing, especially when we buy a new smartphone and so on.

PoliticalHell says:

I think that consumerism pays for the innovation. What universities and
non-profits contribute is, honestly, very little. I see it first-hand at my
university – and all the research here is pretty much just BS. Companies
like Apple focus on selling new flashy gadgets, but even so they manage to
push some innovations through that change technology for the better. Then
companies like Google spend *billions* every year on research for the sake
of moving the world forward. Maybe they’ll profit from it eventually, but
it’s arguable that they’re doing it for the sake of progress, and not
necessarily for money.

ian brown says:

Did I mention that this guy is my hero.he us a truth teller its hard to
find these days because everyone is in on the BIG FAT LIE

Gemini Bodyshop says:

totally agree I bought a Tesco hudl not 12 months ago its a bloody good
little tablet and dose what I need now the hudl 2 is out and everyone
except a few are grabbing them why its already out of date running kit kat
now lollipop is out its old tek my desktop a core i7 with ssd as main drive
and 3gb of spinners and 16gb ram and a beefy graphics card is a self build
it fly’s and I can add bits when I want that’s the way to go

Pete S. says:

I dislike the fact that on modern phones it seems common that the battery
isn’t replaceable, I guess that is a sign off the consumerist culture.

John White says:

Excellent video and I completely agree with your argument that tech
companies are driving global consumerism to extreme levels. I have decided
that when I change my Mac Mini rather than buying the latest version as I
have done before i will purchase a 2nd hand Mac (probably a 2010 Mac Pro)
this way I know I’ll be getting more computing power for the money plus
I’ll be helping the environment

kyena Q says:

in capitalistic society, the need for replacement for better seems
On the other hand, there are companies which tries to manufacture ‘classic’
products (not just tech gadgets) as a way of telling their customer that
the product will last much longer but you have to have for the premium
quality, such as camera brand Leica, and other expensive watch makers. 

nike12000 says:

Man this iPhone 6 is so slow man come on iPhone 6 s 🙂 jk

Yve Gotnone says:

Dave, I honestly don’t understand how you’re not getting more views for
your videos. Is Youtube banning you somehow? I mean yours is the only tech
channel I haven’t unsubscribed from in the past 5 years, you’re actually
the only tech channel I am currently subscribed to (and I’m a geek). Great
interesting and diverse stuff, well done mate!

Wanted797 says:

I agree with you Dave. Sadly money makes the world go around. I’m a little
torn sometimes when it comes to technology, I love technology and always
want the latests gadget to play with at the same time, I love using and
getting use out of technology. I like saving money and if I can get
something new and save money at the same time then I will. Usually this
means getting a new phone probably sooner than I need to. 

Peanutsreveng3 says:

Was just reminded of this from this video from Tek Syndicate and Barnacules
(Hope you don’t mind me linking to other channels Dave) where they’re
talking about 3D printing.
3D Printing: Now and the Future | With Barnacules, Wendell, & Logan

An issue with consumerism versus technological development are those god
damned fucking patents.

Company A) develops something and patents it for TWENTY years. Companies
B-ZZZ then have to spend a silly amount of time working out a way of doing
the same thing, but differently instead of implimenting the idea straight
up and then working on improvements or new developments and that’s not
always for competing technologies either, can be completely different (as
highlighted in the video about printing patents blocking 3D printing
development. Not in competition at all) and there’s no requirement for them
to license the technology out to others (except for standards stuff which
is too often decided by someone clueless about the actual technology).

I could go on but if you’re reading this and agree, you’ll know the rest of
it, if you disagree, I’m not going to change your mind in a YouTube

id15yes2 says:

I studied economics a bit and as result I try to spend money on flexible
firms and humanistic business model supporters. For example, I’d buy may be
not perfect, but usable laptop with ARM processor and highly customizable,
may be Android-like OS. Speed, with which smartphones and tablets improve
makes think, why not so fast with PCs and laptops ?

Dr. Nikhil says:

This is the best video by you till date Dave.Keep em coming

Adrian Salud says:

This is the truth… I was actually one of those consumption people…
thanks for this video and please continue spreading the word to the

Piecekidd says:

Good video :). Keep it up Dave!

ford460v8 says:

i agree, its nice to have a new device, but do we “really” need it

Jakub Płaza says:

Excellent video.

Shamoles says:

good video bro respect

MsMrVlog says:

I agree with you. Not enough funding is going to fundamental research..

Alex Wroblewski says:

you are right Dave, we all fall for the trap , great video 🙂 

Mauersegler says:

total agree !!

Graham O'Cheallaigh says:

Completely agree! 

Tech Defender says:

Hey Dave what’s this song called? 

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