Tech Talk #73 – We moved to an earlier time! 3pm Pacific

Tech Talk #73 – We moved to an earlier time! 3pm Pacific

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JayzTwoCents says:
vitto says:

It should be called Fart Talk #73

Rambi Ninethousand says:

Oh shit the guest is the guy who does voice overs on Sapphire! You’re

Carson Clark says:

I hope jay doesnt do that annoying farting shit again

Joe Dirt says:

Man… So rude. Ed is telling a life story as Jay seems extremely
uninterested spamming fart sounds.

Swordguy's Channel says:

Jerry forgot to take his pills again…

Hussein Al-janaby says:

When does this show go live in New Zealand time? (Day and time)

Christopher Snow says:

Jayz looks like Big Chris from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It only
occurred to me when Jerry mentioned how he looks like someone who could use
a crowbar on a hooker to get his money and Big Chris was the collector in
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Ben Zimmerman says:

Ed’s the kind of guy you can just walk up to and hug. 

Dean Stone says:

Anyone know what studio mic Jay is using, he sounds so majestic.(edit): And
his headphones.

Rene Jacobsen says:

+JayzTwoCents is NOT an nvidia fanboy.
He is just an AMD hater.

You should have Ed on more often.
This episode was the first in a long time actually worth watching.

Jose Semino says:

is this live?

Keith Brannan says:

Nvidia tried to produce X86 Procs a few years ago, but IBM wouldn’t grant
them a license, Tegra would require another architecture. But I do wish
they would give Intel some competition:)

iDerekMC says:



FX-8350 FTW!!

rrrandommman says:

Now I’m hungry, curse you ED!

Fishings Boat says:

Anyone got a link for the song he played for shirtless jerry?

Michael Madsen says:

Plague Inc is so cool :)

jd gaming says:

OMG i’m the same i wanted to go to mars and do the same thing 1:18:20

surft says:

Hopefully, SapphireEd ‘enjoyed’ his time in my country, the Philippines. If
you know what I mean:) Women here are pretty decent lovers.

Natalya Nevinnaya says:

Jerry is an awesome dad
I wish I had a father like him and not a fucking dickhead hell of a step

Oreo1298PvP says:

now I can’t ever watch the stream again live :(

Evo_Winters says:

Little Jay is the infamous hacker known as 4chan.

Aniket Basak says:

I was actually selecting parts for a AMD based PC for my cousin while
listening to this :)

kaptainbastard says:

Who’s Plato WTF. American Constitution is built on Plato’s republic.

Attila theHun says:

The farting sounds on this one…talk about bad timing!

Ugo Filion says:

I’m glad you finaly have a canadian amazon link 😉 Youtubers often forget
them and I don’t want to buy on the us website because of the extra fees.
I’ll use it!

Blank says:

Jay-Z 2 Chainz 50 Cent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

rphxleonine says:

Oh, this great. I had no idea Sapphire Ed was going to be a guest. Ed is

Mr Mush Mush (Video Games, Vlogs, And More) says:

I so want to play GTA 5 but I cant afford it

Kyle LaFountaine says:

The 3870×2 was the 1st dual gpu they made that I am aware of. I still have
one on my shelf atm.

TechMobile510 says:

can you keep doing it at 6 o’clock. i get out of school at three thirty and
i get home at around 4:30 so i completely miss it. :(

Bainanaz says:

When jerry tried to put on an accent in the start and talk about a bomb,
his face after he stopped and during the short silence = he new he fucked

Daniel Chavez says:

You have all that knowledge at your finger tips but when you actually need
it, it’s never there so it still pays off with books :p -Words of a 14 year

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