Tech Talk #70 – 70 weeks of mediocrity! #PeckerPals

Tech Talk #70 – 70 weeks of mediocrity! #PeckerPals

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JayzTwoCents says:

Here we go again! Another week of hilarity! 

DIYEyal says:

I don’t think Samsung would kill AMD’s CPU department. I think they want
their architecture engineers for power efficiency for a custom architecture
for their SoCs (like qualcomm is doing). I think Samsung and AMD is a good
thing, currently Samsung has one of the most advanced silicon manufactuing
and that would be very beneficial for both the GPUs and the CPUs for
desktop. I really want to see AMD’s Zen and how it competes with Intel, it
seems like they are lacking in R&D budget, look at the rumored R9 300
series being mostly the same GPUs from their previous generations with a
different name, most 200 series is 7000 series with a new name and slightly
higher clock. If Samsung brings their superior silicon manufacturing and
R&D money we could start seeing AMD being a serious competitor for Intel
(and I don’t think Samsung would miss an opportunity like this to get into
the x86 world for both servers, desktops and laptops).

FireSplash says:

Did I srsly miss this by like 5 seconds

TeboxYT says:

I need the link of the Tech Talk when Jerry says Jay fuck you. I NEEEEEED

RedDragonGamingHD says:

AMD drivers now including TouchWiz and free compulsory bloatware included
in drivers at no extra cost!

epicwarding says:

link to twitch? so can follow?

Christopher Snow says:

970 TI <---- with 4 gigs of non-throttled Vram. Offer a 50% discount for those who bought a 970. 

Valtteri Valonen says:

fucking AIOfactory

(T)(h)(e)(D)(u)(d)(e) says:

Na man the real Ghost rider was one dude, i forget his name now but he
retired for his family or some shit like that.

berzu21 says:

Plz include time table, would be really nice.

Skydogg5555 says:

Looking to replace my Logitech G930, hate not having any software for
surround sound without bugs and fucked up audio with multiple sources. Any
suggestions? like $150-250, is what’d I’d spend.

Stephen Pope says:

wait is this british top gear or american?

Joe G.P. says:

17:50 well didn’t AMD kill the ATI name ? pretty sure that brand was as
important in the GPU game as is AMD in the CPU game.

Alexa Black says:

Half of the show is nonsensical blabber that just distracts from the main

Robbie Swope says:

Jay what would you rather do
-have barnacles use a graphics card as a condom and have anal with you or
scissor your buttcrack with a bear trap on it with barnacles buttcrack with
a bear trap on it?

Nikola Tesla says:

jay please stop this music and sound effect nonsense. it’s very annoying

Stephen Bergman says:

what tech talk did they fight on?

Lamine OUALI says:

the LukeGate stuff was a sponsor spot for FractalDesign, Luke walked out
WITHOUT shoes guys #YallReDickHoles 

Adam Malone says:

I’m 13 and I know what ATI is who doesn’t know who/what ATI is???? Also did
anyone find the tech talk of BarnDG rage quiting

Eric Bruyere says:

Not the first some rumors surrounded Samsung related to acquisitions, we
heard similar rumors between them and Blackberry and it was just a business

Wont be surprised that it is the same for between Samsung and AMD.

iDerekMC says:

9:20 you can meet me in person :D

MotoSwift says:

I do Motovlogger as well

Philip Fiore says:

DX12: 290x>Titan X

irafea says:

Was trying to sleep and almost got a heart attack.
Jay is a dickhole

MrMGR1986 says:

Looool that soundboard is gold.

Tony DoMonte says:

It’s called a POCKET ROCKET!!! lol

Ti-BEAR-ius says:

1:35:45 @Barnacules Fuck them trolls. You’re a BAMF.

neurotoksin says:

Second time watching this :D

Smooth Bunz says:

Wait bxd watches you????????????? Let me guess 6foot4honda does too? He
watches everyone

3PICSH0TS says:

have you seen careyholzam videos where he put the MOBO in the sink with

AJ McGillivray says:

What’s the outro song

William Ferguson says:

ITV have a program coming up like Top gear
that he has been offered his

ezad viper says:

18:25 RIP headphone user

ICanHazBlockz says:

18:23 OMG my ears! That scared the crap outta me.

Carson T. says:

I have two AMD only Builds execpt the mother board! I’m building a intel

kkRinaChan says:

Safe to say this is my new and only Tech podcast :)

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