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Ben Wilson says:

Jay needs to learn more about football. Stick to tech.

JayzTwoCents says:
TastyPCTV says:

Great show, looking forward to the next one. :)

Jay Scriven says:

Actually atm “gas” is under $1 where i live at the moment. also internet in
New Zealand is freaking awesome

D Paignall says:

Three of the best guys on the net right here.

neurotoksin says:

This is my favorite Show – way better atmosphere than WAN or the NewEgg

Dronez says:

Jay missing a massive opportunity to post #66 on the 6th of Feb. Illuminati

ahpadt says:

This is the first Tech Talk I’ve watched. The jokes cracked me up…

T.E.D. de Medici says:

Australia’s oil is dam cheap compared with most of Europe.

ClownFace1511 says:

Australia is fucked, like internet is shit, like the only unlimited you can
get is like 5mb down 1 up. shitty adsl2+. Or you get copper with is like
$120 a month for 100down 2 up with like a 250gb cap (which is a bitch and
runs out)

iDerekMC says:

IN Europe, there is no data cap 😀
in most countries, internet is UNLIMITED XD
why not in the usa?

ShamusOGrady2 says:

Episodes like these are like the old Scooby doo meets batman to me. 

Aaron Wright says:

Can i have some opinions on a cheap PC i want to build?
CPU:Intel Pentium G3258 3.2GHz Dual-Core
CPU cooler: I have an extra
Motherboard: Asus H81M-A Micro ATX LGA1150
Ram: Crucial Ballistix sport 8x1gb
Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
Graphic/video card: Asus GeForce GT 630 2GB Video Card
Case: Rosewill FBM-01-450P MicroATX Mini Tower Case w/450W Power Supply
CD/DVD/Optical drive: Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE DVD/CD Writer
Im choosing between Windows 7 64 bit or 8.1 64 bit, I like Windows 8,1 more
but 7 is cheaper.
Anything I should do different?

BasslineSynergie says:

300 down…u fuckin w0t m8!

I get 1.8Mb and 700Kb up…lel Scotland ftw

MRPyro Gaming says:

You guys are lucky I have like 400 kbs down and even worse up

Houndz says:

fuck i live in australia :(

CatheteriZedEYE says:

You have JaysPOOcents and Barnacules TURDgasm, Thank you internet

Trobinson97 says:

Good show, but listening to that guy *trying* to talk football at the end
was B-R-utal. So many things so wrong.

ChocoROID says:

Logan guesting? This is going to be a good show!

Crimetimegamez says:

Thanks for the Skype contacts. 🙂 

Jesper Rex says:

Yes jay finally got the enthoo primo. Waiting for the review :-)

Jedd Morgan says:

if your downloading 4tb a month your insane. or jerry.

TheAwesomeGamer says:

fiber speed = 200.000 KM/S

Folopolis says:

@12:40, like the Disney vault?

Barry Cooper says:

How come us in England have faster broadband than you guys? I thought
America was the place for the biggest Boobs, biggest buildings, biggest
ball sacks and George Bush.

ChristmasSamurai says:

The illuminati took my cpu.

12me91 says:

$10 for 100GB isn’t terrible, its not perfect by any means but at least its
something better than what others do.

Huh I do hope that gsync is able to run on other monitors even if its
“hacked” in. It would be so cool.

Gameworks wont make better indie games, it’ll just be used to try and get
nvidia a monopoly. Its one thing for a game engine that wont just work on
one brand better than another, but gameworks is different.

whats the name of the philips monitor?

will mckenzie says:

Gas has gone up like 40 cents in the last 3 weeks here in WA 🙁

It was down to $1.93 and now it’s back up to around $2.35 depending on the

Jeremy Giles says:

Thumbs up for Skype fail.

Carson Clark says:

Logan’s got some killer puns.

Wyatt O'Shea says:

I can confirm what Logan said about everything here in Australia trying to
kill you XD……. :'( …It’s a hard life :/ 

Tyler Luna says:

Skype is soooooo bad…… If anyone remembers MSN Messenger…. IT EVEN
HAD VIDEO CALLING AT THE END!!!! Why did you leave us MSN Messenger????

Teh Stranger? says:

What happened to Tech Talk #65 “Jerry’s triumphant return”??????

Sannou says:

what headphones are you using jay?

Adam McCurdy says:

OMG I’m in Portland! Let’s drink!

scoobtoober29 says:

A discounted 1000mbps service is here in colorado for $80 when bundled with
another service:) I have a 40mbps line with them and full price is close to
$80. Can’t wait till the 1000 service is available in my area.

Michal Kohútek says:

Gas is so much cheaper in Australia than most of Europe… Ours is €1.2,
which is 1.37 USD at the moment.

Casey M says:

Vizio became much better when Sony bought them. Vizio is basically Sony
internal components just on a cheaper scale cause of the brand.

Mike Stanton says:

Yes Jay, please do a review on your 4k TV. I’m thinking about getting a
bigger TV and hooking a Steam Box up to it. Would love to see how it
handles games in 1080p.

kinghq1 says:

LOL skype crashed because it’s SKYPE and Microsoft bought it out . . .

skittyzed says:

I’m glad you guys brought up how bad Australian internet is (sort of…)
because hearing Americans complain about internet speeds and plans is like
hearing a millionaire complain he isn’t as rich as a billionaire.

Harry Hays says:

whats razberry pie?

Lorenzo Leonardi says:

we’ve got way too high hardware prices in Italy, but there is no such thing
as capped or even throttled internet. you pay for a given down speed and
another up speed, that’s your package, and then you can use it as much as
you want wiht no limit whatsoever, but the average speed isnt that great,
you usually get about 20 megabits for download (+- 2.5MB/s) and about
200KB/s in upload. Getting more gets expensive. Crazy thing is if you use
your phone as a hotspot, you can get up to 3.8MB/s in download with LTE,
faster than the actual land internet. lol

Tim Gastrell says:

In New Zealand a decent internet connection is 10-15 down and 4 up…

Connor Westbury says:

You 3 should get together and do an epic lan! 

Noah Royal says:

Here in MN most people dont have data caps.

thereddog223 says:

sea hawks were morons

Lance Thompson says:

Hey guys, great show! The three of you get along great, plus I love
‘streaming Jerry’, always cracks me up!!

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