Social Media Revolution

Social Media Revolution

Social Media Revolution (Original) This video was produced in 2009 based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. There have been two newer versions since t…



Asasd Bvvaa says:

I’m not sure if the pros of Social Media are more than it’s cons.

For one, I’m pretty sure making virtual life a part of real life is an
absolutely stupid decision (Unless it makes real life easier, in which this
case it does not). Especially for those that make taking pictures of
themselves part of their daily lives. And another one is when people tend
to look at their phones the whole time when going out rather than being
engrossed in what is real.

Secondly, the information you put out on the net IS out to the public and
the private ones are being sold to companies that have the power to buy
from the world’s largest information brokers.

Third, social media connects people but at the same time it also disjoints
them from reality. You no longer need to talk face to face but instead can
send out important or non important messages by text or videochat (which is
still bad compared to face to face)

Fourth, social media protects people with promises of anonymity in some
cases, which in turn leads to otherwise normal people with small egos
turning into outright assholes that would otherwise wouldn’t even dare
raise a finger at you in real life.

Fifth, Social Media provides most people an escape (those that do use
social media as a weapon are exempt), not a cure to the harshness of real
life. You will NEVER learn how to fight by running away.

Complete Outsourcing says:

Social Media / internet marketing is becoming a very big industry these
days. Wow, its hard to believe the rapid progression of internet marketing
in such a short time, it became a legit source of income for companies
these days! Imagine what it will be in the years to come?

염요엘 says:

DriftlessArts says:

made a video with thoughts

Jason Mayes says:

Reminded myself of a pretty awesome video today. Is social media a fad? See
what this video has to say about it (and consider this was made for 2009,
so things have only increased since then….)

Renee Horaney says:

Need some validation for why you’re using social media for your business?
Here’s much more than you need.

Jacob Lewis says:

who knows the music ? 

W. Paul Borkowski says:
walters adam says:

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Dave vrijheid says:

Yeah, the technical revolution and everything with it wen fast the last
couple of 10 years.

Carl Butler says:

Greenmaze GPage says:

The online world of communication is forever growing…

Sandy Grey says:

Thank You Erik Qualman, I first came across your video in the Summer of
2010 and always follow what you are doing, Thank You!

Jordan Fry says:

It’s a revolution!!! #socialmedia

sharon b says:

how has this changes in 2014 – interesting..

Sucely Duran says:

The Social Media Revolution. #socialmedia

Proterra Advertising says:

And now that they Hummingbird algorithm is live, Social is more important
than ever!

SEO Tips Spot says:

Still think that its a Fad? What are you doing right now right here!

Elite Market Links says:

Social media is a revolution that is rapidly escalating. Almost everyone is
on the internet and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. This
is a great video with even better facts.

Scott Sherwood says:

check it out…

Wiregrass Local Mobi says:

This is an interesting video about Social Media Social Media Revolution

Michael Del Gaiso says:

Definitely puts social media in perspective.

Nina D'Eramo says:

I got into this career by accident. Seems all the big men in charge hadn’t
figured it out. Time to step in! 

Chris Garcia says:

And the age of the online networking entrepreneur is born!! Limitless

Pat Rick says:

very insightful video erik – so many opportunities have opened up with
social media,many business have sprouted like www . hitgram. com that help
others boost their social media profiles to get sales.

Janis Butkevics says:

A quick video with some social media statistics. Seen it a couple times but
it never seems to get old. #socialmedia #socialmediastatistics
#whysocialmedia #socialmediarevolution #erikqualman 

Achmad Filand says:


Harvin Strub says:

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Jole Costigliola says:

Do you think #socialmedia is a #fad ? ..Have a Look! #socialmedia

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