Social Media Revolution 2012 – Brandshout – Peterborough UK

Social Media Revolution 2012 – Brandshout – Peterborough UK

Socialnomics latest Social Media stats by Eric Qualman. Brandshout, educating business in the best practices & use of Social Media set up, customisation & St…



Vicente Valencia says:

Better be prepared!

George Lozier says:

Good video on the importance of Social Media for marketing.

MarianiTa ArdaVin says:

Che rivoluzione… i SOCIAL NETWOK!
Social Media Revolution 2012 – Brandshout – Peterborough UK

Jayesh Kanzariya says:

+ketan raval +Kathiriya Viral +jignesh thanki +Anjali Vala +Rajal Panchal +Yashpal
Goswami +sanjay patel

Himiko Katsuragi says:

This is an amazing video!!!!

deanmullen10 says:

Well the Internet exists on countless servers and anyone who dares to shut
the Internet down will be shut down themselves!

dizzydre says:

Awesome vid… I’m in branding for a major company and we have definitely
seen the change from traditional forms of media to social… we are playing
catch up, but we are in the game!

Greta Niu says:

Did Brandshout steal this video outright from Eric Qualman who uploaded his
version June 8, 2011?? If so, why not thank the original creator?

susieq14321 says:

Just be in the game! Great video! Thanks!

gokub says:

Where did you get your research on the online education vs. face-to-face?

GehyBweeYeLTV says:

Hmmm… reaLLy bad. :/

oğuzhan Nacak says:

what is this prestation programme name?

Heri Purnomo says:

great video, thanks…

justletitallgo says:

I would also like to know where the statistics in general came from. Most
seem very reasonable but it’s always good to provide sources.

Spook SEO says:

Social media today has become a very powerful tool in building a strong web
presence. If you can identify what social media sites and what methods work
for you, you can definitely get something. The thing is, the sites are
becoming bigger and stricter and what’s more, competition is getting
difficult. You’ll have to come up with a good plan and really work hard for

Goldenglov4 says:

2010 🙁

lachaunspencer says:

It is very clear that facebook and twitter are the leading social media
site that caters to everything from meeting, dating, keeping in touch with
friends and family, as well as business advertising. 93% of businesses
today use mass media tools to reach the target consumer.

Brandshout says:

Ha… Glad to be of assistance SuperChewAE!

Mishyana says:

Given that this video is about the rise of social media, Google and
Wikipedia included, you’d think they could have spelled ‘Vader’ correctly,

bluewren R says:

Could it all be closed down? Like suddenly the power plug is pulled then
no more social media?

Sathil Mondal says:

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zaaltar1 says:

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