Social Media Revolution 2011

Social Media Revolution 2011 Part of the world’s most watched Social Media video series; “Social Media Revolution” by Erik Qualman. Based on #1 International…



Divitty Bissel says:

To all you materialistic cunts that pay more attention to an iphone in your
hand then what really matters in life, texting about your menial concerns
of everyday worries and sharing it with the world you need a good hiding
you cunts need. There are children working for 2 dollars a day and here you
are posting dinner food on your plate. You ungrateful selfish no good
superficial cocksuckers. The lot of you reading this. Burying your head in
an iphone 23 hours a day. Worrying abut what she said and what he thinks on
facebook. A fucking program! A delusion! A Matrix computer reality. That’s
what you’re living. Every time you worship the Iphone.

The social revolution? More like xthe death of the human thinking mind. And
don’t bother replying prick, you know you’re wrong if you disagree.

Hugh Osborne says:

Bebo is the future. 

Debbie Wake says:

Good video on the use of social media

Arshad Cheema says:

i thougt children work on chalk boards

Sreesh Shyam says:

nice vid

Anders Schultz says:

Does anyone know if this video is made in a Theme that is up for download,
or does anyone know a video program, that is good enough to make something
like this?

MyPageDotCom says:

Two years ago, Facebook had the chance to beat Google when it comes to the
number of visitors. How is it this year that a lot of people are still
complaining about the privacy issues of social networking sites? Did it
beat Google again or did Google got it this time around?

Steven Beckett says:

Ernesto D'Alessandro says:

La terza rivoluzione industriale: La Social Media Revolution

Jera Wolfe says:

Something I feel awe and inspired by the beauty and epic awesomeness of;
something I hold in near religious reverence; These things are hard to put
into words that describe the emotion I feel for them. Even that sentiment
has grown cliche. So, screw that, here’s a video to watch about it instead!

Social Media Revolution 2011

Arun Lobo says:

The 2011 version of this Brilliant Video is up! Must Watch for all Social
Media Fanatics out there!!..

mohammad kiswani says:

Abdul Abousaleh says:

Paul Wiggemansen says:

The world of social media; it’s immense and great!!

Adriana Ortiz says:

Very cool video about the Social Media Revolution

Liesl Leary says:

Amazing video about how social media has revolutionized our world, and
marketing in general.

Jackson Henney says:

Interesting :)

Georgie Nevile says:

Simon Allard says:

Trying out sharing YouTube videos

Hector Hulian says:

Molly Nelson says:

Absolutely LOVE this video about social media statistics in 2011– If
Wikipedia were a book, it would be 2.25 million pages long and take 123
years to read!

Devon Ashleigh Blake says:



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