Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) Social Media Revolution 2 is a refresh of the original video ( with new and updated social media & m…



Arpaclick says:

Social Media Revolution. Are you Ready?

Susan Isles says:


Lisa Harrison says:

Some staggering stats to start your day. Are you ready for the Social Media
Revolution? #socialmediamarketing 

yuan818 says:

what software did you use in making this video?

Craig Parsons says:

Where is Social Media going?

Andy Moulster says:

V interesting social media facts and figures! Really makes you think!

Rawan Da'as says:

still think Social Media is a fad? :D

Poisot Loïc says:

Jose Allan Tan says:

The power of social media continues to astound and confound us. How do you
tap this phenomenon to support your business?

Praveen Macherla says:

Chris Van Bekkum says:

Social Media Revolution (filmpje)

Sez Meredith says:

Brilliant, but sadly somewhat outdated, video on the social media
revolution. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re looking to find out why
you should join the social media platform 😉

Granted, if you’re on here, you probably know why already!

Lucky Nugroho says:

Is social media a fad?

Paul Alfred says:

If you still feel #socialmedia is a fad check out this #video ….

QGate Software Ltd says:

This is a really good video explaining the Social Media Revolution we are
now in…. are you up to date?

Bilinçsiz İnternet Kullanımı says:

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

Google Student Ambassadors at BZU says:

The #Social #Media Revolution

Social media is the new economy… a people driven economy!
*Welcome to the World of Socialnomics!* 

Mallori B. Martin says:

#Mallori #B. #Martin #Marketing #Jobs #SEO 

Louis Post says:

Social Media Revolution deel 2
Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

genkegenkai says:

and what are you still doing here? go outside! go on a date!

happylistener08 says:

overrated b******t, eat yourself your ads

Ashley Franklin says:

Hi My name is Ashley Franklin and I am a Student in Dr.Strange EDM310
class, and I have chosen this video as my blog assignment.I really just
wanted to share with my bloggers what big steps Technology has made.

Pauln2008 says:

@MissBelikov123 but yet its aceppted by normal uni’s

Carlo At Your Service Productions says:

Great video. I love the seemless story it tells that is DEFINITELY the

David Edwards says: is far better

James Hessler says:

Evans video articulates the idea and ethos of social media very well…
Great video…

Tom Chapman says:

wiki is an english term = database

cgris1 says:

Great. Millions more with a dumb look in their eyes.

sparkynet says:

Stats aren’t really true… “…more Twitter followers than Sweden, Norway,
Israel etc….” Sounds fun, but… No. Sorry.

fcinternetmarketing says:

Great video.

PBriggsMktg says:

Brilliantly done video – right to the point – Fabulous job.

luckyxtrick says:

watched this in our global citizenship class. amazing facts and statistics
i’m sharing it.

AlohaSMM says:


BriMoo says:

@StfnEgbrts So..? Its written in a language which has been around since 450

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