Social Media Explained Visually

Social Media Explained Visually

Short, sweet and simple!



SayIT Social Media Consultants says:

Social media explained

Chris Stockdale says:

Nice and simple

Graham Odenyo says:

short , sweet and simple

Relawan Tivi says:

I Really Like The Video From Your Social Media Explained Visually

Andrew Samuel says:

Nice video Uma. Nicely and simply explained. Thanks

Michele SlotsandtheCity says:

Have the voiceover without an accent as well….

NganaJHone says:

I Love The Video Social Media Explained Visually It Can Increase My

gariouscom says:

This is indeed short, sweet and simple, yet so informative. This video
reminds me that Content is King and Conversation is Queen. Keep it up mate!

greenliondigital says:

Great presentation!

Sascha Tams says:

Nice one 🙂 Well and easy explained.

delanopino says:


IvoryGuru says:

I Videoed this a lot, Thanks for these explained mideas !!

delanopino says:

Dit is een kut clip

greed fear says:


heather848wsp says:

Very cute! explains social media quick and to the point. Love the Rock Band.

delanopino says:

iedereen die naaar dit kijkt faal!!

FTV Utama SCTV says:

Good, I like that you share this video Social Media Explained Visually , I
wish success always

sociablesandwich says:

Excellent vid and a makes the content as far as what social media is far
more digestible for some CEOs.

William Henry says:

Thanks… appreciate your insight!

internettopmentor says:

I love your vid! Good work. Check mine too on my channel.

Chris Violetis says:

can this video be purchased and used by other IM companies?

TNOC | The New Objective Collective says:

Well presented, could you provide a shorter version in say 90 -120 seconds?

Ondelendo says:

Steady I Really Like This Video Social Media Explained Visually

Uncle Davey says:

It got pretty poetic for a moment, there.

internettopmentor says:

I love connecting with like-minded people. Add me!

Tone Pro says:

I as well as many learn from ways like this,..please do more videos,
especially about current events. like the U.S. Current events

Hot Cool Dude Seo says:

Here is the exact kind of video infromation I’m in need of, really
appreciate your help

French American TV says:

check out

Flutterby Media says:

GREAT job! I will definitely share this 🙂

Laura-Lee Walker says:

Understanding the need for social disclosure is what it’s about.

MakeupGirl921 says:

…my brain hurts

impactgreatness says:

very creative video! you guys pointed out the major points on what social
media really is and how it can be used to communicate and engage with other

Floyd Tapia says:

Very well done. Although many say they fully understand social media, they
disprove it when you look at their websites and advertising. This short
video explains very well how it works for just about anyone that views it.
I will definitely show this to fellow marketers and those wanting to dive
into this huge market.

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