Social Media 2013 | New Music

Social Media 2013 | New Music

This is the 4th version of the world’s most watched social media video series “Social Media Revolution. Written by international keynote speaker and best sel…



nalts says:

The earlier version had better music and less author promotion, so this one
is unlikely to travel by comparison. 

Michael Scutt says:

I loved the first of these socialnomics videos – this is the updated one,
albeit from late 2012.

Sara Wheelwright says:

why Social is the NOW and the future

Public Relations, Media and Social Media says:

The year in social media video: Social Media 2013 | New Music #socialmedia

Marsellus Wallace says:

Hey what’s up kwalmin?

ConocimientoSM says:

Hi Erik, What editing software do you use for your videos? It’s great

Jess Hobbs says:

This video can’t be shared enough! Social Media 2013

Damon Davis says:

The difference a decade a can make!

Jacky MENAGER says:

We have probably seen these basic facts of social media almost everywhere
on YouTube!
Regardless, these facts can clearly give people the idea or the whole
picture how influential social media has become and why they need it if
they want the public to know about them ;)

Setiawan Harja says:

If this are true…its incredi

Boxless Media says:

#SocialMedia is changing the world today. If you don’t believe it, check
out the video below to see how. Believe it. Boxless Media can help you
achieve success. to see how.

poenie doedel says:


Missy Kaleidoscopeify says:

where can i find this music?

Mobile App Design Training Courses says:

Social Media Training UK – Case Studies

Antonia Pini says:

Here you are the 4th version of the original Social Media Revolution,
created by Erik Qualman and based on his 1st best selling book

Aine Bermingham says:

This puts the scale of social media in perspective!

heaven says:

Social Media Revolution 2013 by @equalman #socialmedia 

Oskar van Rijswijk says:

De social media *revolution* – anno 2013.

Rob Davy-Cripwell says:

Amazing stats about social media!

Christopher Donohue says:

How far Social has embedded itself as part of the world culture norm in
2013. Mind blowing when you compare to just two years ago.

Ralph Paglia says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

WSI Marketing Plus says:

Great update from Erik Qualman on the power of social media — check out
the updated video! 

Eduardo Cano says:

*Social Media Revolution 2013*

Some impressive numbers, facts and figures coming directly from Erik
#SMM +Erik Qualman 

Dalibor Cerar says:

Lyle Wetsch says:

+Erik Qualman has updated the SocialNomics Video once again – 4th version
and best of the bunch. These videos are great to show audiences the scope
of social media and to put it all in context. Excellent job

Patrick Reyes says:

Socialnomics 2013 via +Erik Qualman 

Jacob Turan says:

New Social Media video 2013 blows your mind +Erik Qualman #socialmedia

AJ Kulatunga says:

The latest Social Media Revolution Video for 2013 from +Erik Qualman 

Dominik Horn says:

*Social Media 2013*

via +Natascha Ljubic // Twitter

Tatiana Guerzoni says:

Awesome video, give it a look!
I’d like to be able to create one like this.. someday, maybe :)

Claudia Blechschmidt says:

Very interesting!

Thomas Hefke says:

#socialmedia video #infographic
by +Erik Qualman
Really interesting stuff!

Safety Build says:

The future is all about social media, and Erik Qualman has been documenting
the evolution of social media each year with stunning, insightful, and
compelling videos. And he’s done it again for 2013. The shear numbers
presented in his latest video will truly astound you.

For those that don’t know Qualman, he is often referred to as the Digital
Dale Carnegie. Erik Qualman is the author of “Socialnomics: How social
media transforms the way we live and do business”, which made Amazon’s #1
Best Selling List for the US, UK, Canada and Germany.

I do strongly recommend watching this video in FULL screen as there’s so
much information to take in.

Lars Bratsberg says:

Social Media 2013 #some new video, new music

Torsten Schollmayer says:

Do you still think Social Media is something that will go away? … Nice
facts collected to proof the power of “Word of Mouth”.

visumate says:


Social Media Revolution – Video by Erik Qualman

David DeWald says:

+Erik Qualman, author of the website and book Socialnomics, has updated his
popular YouTube video about social media for the fourth time.

The video, a roughly three-minute look at stats related to the digital age,
is a really interesting and digestible snapshot of social media and its
impact on our daily lives.

Dan Fugate says:

Lots of interesting nuggets here.

John Lasschuit says:

Social Media 2013

David Holroyd-Doveton says:

Great facts on Social Media for 2013

Tara R. Alemany says:

Erik Qualman’s done it again! I just love his Social Media Revolution
videos. What statistic jumps out at you the most?

Marketing My says:

Always find these videos so useful in demonstrating the power of social

Hollie Jones says:

Welcome to the social media revolution. Some fascinating information in
this short video.

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