Social Media 2011 – updated version

Social Media 2011 – updated version

An animated video about the rapid growth of social media and it’s impact on the world.



Reed Pankratz says:

Another great video on social media!

Social Media says:

Das war Social Media 2011 in Zahlen:

Michelle Daly says:

I love the fact that the social media bandwagon is crashed in the first few
mins of this video….

Andhika Wijaya Kurniawan says:

Perkembangan Social Media dan Dampak Bagi Dunia: Social Media 2011 –
updated version

Elwira Kotowska says:

Social Media 2011 – updated version

ThePunkPhantom says:

but the internet is still evil because it wasn’t around when old people
were kids.

Felipe Pepe says:

The info is nice, but the video is amateur with a stupid soundtrack.

Hanna gailis inntjore says:

pretty cool video, but must say the music is epic! go Ratata

Dave Teves says:

Thumbs up for RATATAT!!!!

socialmediareporter says:

There is are a ton of free social media white papers at ciowhitepapers com

Thiago Everton says:

Muito bom, parabens

5thdimensionstuff says:

@raqyee if you once are in the need to find a job, you’re gonna have to
make one.

WithLoveDess says:

Anyone else want to shoot the giant cat crying in the song?

LLPPresents says:

Amazing Video! Insanely to the point. I cannot believe that more people did
not make a comment on this. Crazy. You guys are brilliant! How many in your
company? Standing O from me! Dawn from Loretta LaRoche Productions.

5thdimensionstuff says:

@Westfale94 true… facebook/twitter was helping them to cheer everyone up.
But it was indeed the people

SteanneM says:

@TheNandanaNair Wildcat by Ratatat.

Dunsparce666 says:

@raqyee No idea what linkedin is? Your parents must have extremely shitty
jobs OR extremely awesome jobs!

StupidNutter says:


Billy Holland says:

wow this is so misleading and poorly done..

Skitchy says:

> Social media changing the world > All people use it for is to complain
and post angsty pictures Scumbag users.

cullenster4 says:

@ShebaLover333 as long as you’re making it.

Tom Smith says:

“That’s Quagmire!”

totallysickawesome says:

2:27! hahahaha!

The Best of Youtube Videos says:

social media are very fast and reliable source of information, one of the
good example is facebook where everyone is connected

Westfale94 says:

The people did in fact overthrow the dictators, not facebook. just sayin.

Aathavan Flownerdia says:

um… I quite like the music …*looks around then runs away at speed of

jorge rios says:

Lmao educating ppl….. hardly hahaha most post are so poorly typed
just.Luke the one I’m posting because I don’t give a care 😉 education is @
schools not on Facebook

tedturneriscrazy says:

This video is so full of shit I had to call a plumber.

Jack Borg says:

@Westfale94 true, but alot of the rebellion efforts were organised through
social media sites like facebook

Mili Ponce says:

Great video, thanks for sharing!

legomaniacman says:

Forgot to mention mysp….. who cares 😀

Skitchy says:

@ivan2294 It’s called hyperbole. Look at the majority of users on Tumblr,
all they post is angsty pictures about how nobody understands them and how
they really, really, really, really, REALLY “love” their crush but can
never have them.

ivan2294 says:

@NeoUrRuler True, but what are schools starting to use as education? THE
INTERNET, which includes a lot of social networking and media.

knot-lion says:

@TheNandanaNair wildcat by ratatat

TheWrittenSecret says:

@radulica ahh, point received. I understand now. (And yeah I really do
detest facebook… It makes me waste time.) All in all? Good discussion. 🙂

radulica says:

i dont have a facebook. it ruins lives

Adam Norsworthy says:

seriously annoying music wow

Jürgen Huhle says:

Auf der Mittelstandskonferenz Social Media gesehen #smowl

BringAsongOnAbanjo says:

@bongketpadz Me too! Glad it worked for you and see good results! Im so
proud of having that program offered by the site:
in me. a great mentor, adviser and user friendly program! thanks to it.

dandel1 says:

social media will one day kill us all

hamsterdoom360 says:

It’s nice to see what social media is capable of. Too bad the human element
completely negates all of that.

Brian Uribe says:


TheWrittenSecret says:

@radulica i understand your point. But no. I have a facebook. I don’t play
the games, i sometimes post, but rarely, and im friends with my friends who
moved away. Do you think id still be good friends with my old best-friend,
even though she moved across the country (from me) if i couldn’t talk to
her on facebook, e-mail herr, or text her? And i hate e-mail, facebook,
YOUTUBE, and texting. I do it to stay connected to people i love. Like my
aunt and my cousins and friends. ever think about that?

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