Should Doctors Use Twitter To Monitor Patients?

Should Doctors Use Twitter To Monitor Patients?

Should a doctor use information you’ve posted to social media sites to determine whether you’re worthy of care? And as Anthony shows us, this is not just som…



DNews says:

How would you feel if your doctor looked at your G+ to monitor you and
determine your worth for care? Should Doctors Use Twitter To Monitor

Bernadette MaryAnn Rostenkowski-Wolowitz says:

I think bosses, doctors, ect should be able to look at your public
profiles, because if they are public, anyone can see it afterall. However,
I don’t think they should be allowed to take action based apon it, maybe
talk to you about what you’re posting, but not take action for something
you did outside of the workplace/surgery ect. 

Ryan Couture says:

Lol this is hilarious. Doctors barely have time to monitor you when you’re
standing in front of them.

DuctTapeMan says:

I’m all ok with this, punish people for their stupidity

Marcos Cruz says:

Posting every thought and action you do online is your responsibility.

lollertoaster says:

I think the biggest problem with social media is that people are using

Bayzz2 says:

I’ll admit that i’m not sure about the whole issue but i am kinda glad that
that guy didn’t get the kidney and it went to help someone potentially more

Deezzdogg says:


Austin Redfern says:

Every doctor I know don’t have tip for Facebook and twitter. 

IllegalTacos says:

I think doctors checking it out is fair enough. Employers, not so much. Its
one thing to drink and socialise when it doesnt affect your career. Who
cares if you are in a photo at the bar while you’re applying for a job,
everyone does it! If drinking and socialising affects your health (ie.
liver transplant) that’s significant enough that it would matter, because
there are strict rules about it.

Jenn the Nautilus says:

This is why you don’t post everything you do online. Simple as that. You
put it online, you pay the price.

gyrrakavian says:

Doctors, yes.
Employers, no.

farhad lasker says:

thanks for helping with my UKCAT

triton62674 says:


Devil's Advocate says:

That’s like telling people to stop using YouTube. Even though it’s a social
networking site it’s also a form of entertainment. You have to respect
that, and besides you always leave a digital shadow no matter where you are
on the internet. The only way to be truly safe is by living an Amish life,
and abandoning technology all together.

RavynSkye1 says:

This is why I don’t use my REAL name on ANYTHING online. I have an online
persona that I use for everything… Ravynskye. But, it’s NOT my REAL NAME
and I think anyone who posts questionable things online, under their OWN
name, is asking for trouble. See, I remember back when AOL charged by the
minute, and the first thing they told ALL of us kids was to NEVER tell
anyone online your personal information. Somewhere along the line, we
totally forgot about internet security and privacy.

TheLordofTheAesir says:

trace, lets be honest here; who DOESN’T post EVERYTHING they wouldn’t say
in public

Stephen Lewis says:

i see no problem with a doctor looking seeing anything that someone posts
on social media. it is equally accessible to your doctor as it is to the
guy in Brazil you don’t know is stalking you. my opinion might be scewed
because i haven’t used facebook or twitter in over a year though

frozen2kx says:

Technically you are sharing that information. If you don’t want certain
people getting those information then don’t share it to those people.

BiggsyDaBoss says:

Before people start bitching about those who “abuse” the medical system.
I’m not pretending it’s ok, just not the end of the world. Maybe you should
read Orwells 1984. Spying on people is wrong, even if you are doing it for
the “best intentions”. Speaking as a parent no younger then some of you. It
looks like the lessons we learned growing up in a time where we understood
that those in authority can’t be given our arbitrary trust. It looks like
we’re not doing a great job at passing that info on

Lex Wattz says:

Don’t need my doctor telling me the dangers of the acids within a Sperm
Whales stomach.

wwwas9 says:

I think the dumbest thing I’ve seen to do with this was a Massive long
description on a perfectly open Facebook page, about how facebook does not
have this persons legal permission to use anything they said or did on the
site for themselves, and I just thought “This is the best examples of
someone who think’s they know how stuff works, but didn’t read the terms
and conditions…”

lesrach3 says:

agreed theres a lot of ppl who just dont give a shit and when it comes to
life i would prefer to give it to person who values it the most.

crash1998100 says:

Until you hit delete

ClTRlS says:

Docters, yes. Employers, no.

3Dtutdot says:

Doctors should be able to do this, but they shouldn’t be required to

Paul Gloor says:

No, but you can certainly learn them before you’re dead, and he wasn’t dead
at the time he was rejected. Now somebody else, who hopefully takes it
seriously, gets to live.

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