Next is Now

Next is Now

Next is Now depicts the human connections empowered by rapid changes in communications technology in Canada and around the world. Next is Now was produced by…



Promod Sharma says:

Nicely done! It’s great to see stats from a Canadian perspective.

albertjita says:

Love the technic! Great video.

notso437 says:

great video! but they should have had a stat on how many people were on
hold waiting to speak to a Rogers phone rep.

MrSylvainT says:

have shown this to like 20 people

Millard Gibson says:

This video tells all, internet is replacing the way business is done and
video will be the most effective method to get your message out… Great

MrSylvainT says:

@OGdank13 one of the coolest vids on youtube and tv for that matter

Aaron16 says:

To bad to do all this in Canada it cost way more then in the US 😛

0880Nik0880 says:

It looks good but the meaning behind it is futile. It shows abundance of
information and how we’re overwhelmed (controlled?) by medias. You guys are
confounding quantity with quality of information. It is true that real
information is now accessible thanks to Internet, but generally not thanks
to facebook, twitter, youtube …

capomatthew says:

Very impressive!

SatinTammy says:

And the point is? You’re not telling us anything new. Just spewing facts
that the average person knows.

MaghoxFr says:

Well done man, nicely shot and fx.

Aaron16 says:

Censorship sucks!

Millard Gibson says:

Love this video… If your not using video in your marketing you will be
left in the dust… What a wonderful example!

OGdank13 says:

wow this is so true were living in an age dominated by information

inhousefilms says:

great work.

nogrules says:

Real powerful! Thank you,

ThibodeauEnquete says:

Le montage de ce vidéo est super ! Et le contenu n’est rien de moins qu’

Alex Eisenberg says:

So we’re awash in messages, and followers by the bushel and information
“over-byte” as never before witnessed. But as your film illustrates so
nicely, what’s important is that we still smile at each other and gather
with friends. Let us never confuse meaning with meaningful.

aaranduncan says:

Wow this is a great vid to show clients the power of social media, mobile
and the web to clients, great job.

TPDvideos says:

very cool!

internettopmentor says:

I love connecting with like-minded people. Add me!

JazzCat60 says:

Very cool …however I don’t think technology should be glorified. Has all
this information made us any happier? Personally, I think people should
disconnect themselves sometimes from the internet and go for a walk in the
woods or maybe just go visit your friend rather than text. A lot of this
stuff is just a big distraction. I’m not saying the internet doesn’t have a
place in society it’s just not the panacea you’d like us to believe.
Download the reality check App.

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