Mini Arc Furnace (Arc Reactor Technology In Real Life)

Mini Arc Furnace (Arc Reactor Technology In Real Life)

A makeshift arc reaction chamber. Small enough to sit on the desktop, but powerful enough to melt steel, in under 2 minutes. Subscribe for new videos every 5 days!…



Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" says:

*Hey guys! My mind is blown at what this little device can do 🙂 Let me
know if you got any ideas from these experiments, and if you liked what you
saw? Thanks for watching, subscribing, and I’ll see you in 10 days when we
get back in town with the videos on how to make it!! :D*

fireclaw316 says:

I watch these videos, and I’m like,”How is it he hasn’t been killed yet?”
He plays with flammable hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, eats dry ice, make a
stick welder out of a microwave, and melts rocks into lava using flashlight

Stefano says:

Any metal? Even tungsten?

metalhoodmetalhood2 says:

4:00 lol, didn’t expect that troll
awesome project, would be interesting to know how many people actually
built this right after watching

marinesniperschool says:

Wow. I wonder how much money it takes to make all of your projects. Must be
pretty expensive when you combine it all.

F.B. Jefferson says:

Absolutely insane! It blows my mind that something like this isn’t widely
used. I mean you made lava…LAVA….with nothing more than household
stuff! I’m somehow convinced that that power output is like nothing before
and could benefit mankind. I however don’t know if scaling it would be
practical or even feasible.

Alexander Michael says:

Is it just me that thinks projects like these should be done outside? It
seems like it could possibly burn your whole house down if youre not
careful enough with that much heat.

Just A says:

This awesome guy is going to get himself killed by the U.S.A government.

ScytherDOTA says:

1:20 ‘ Surprisingly, the outside is still cool enough that i can pick it up
bare handed..’ HOW ? I mean, i watched mythbusters doing that but can
anyone explain me why doesnt that burn your hand. Since it is in the
melting point, shouldnt it be extremely high that can burn anything that
touched to it ?

CubeGames Official says:

can it even do tungsten? also your voice is awesome

Xdragoninchi says:

Noooooo why do you have the sleves of your shirt rolled up. when im welding
it sucks when i get dem motin sparks on my arm

Marcos Amparo says:

I’ll be your valentine if you subscribe to me :D

Bryan Houlton says:

Hey grant! I’m speaking on behalf of the whole MTG SDM community, and we
are growing stubbornly slowly. We could really use some advice or help, but
please, don’t fell that you need to. But if you could help us out, it would
mean a lot to us!


James Newton says:

Wow. WOW! just… wow… 

Rameez Lalloo says:

new vid every 5 days ,,,,its been 11

spratsprat says:

You should make a CNC hotwire machine or just a regular hotwire foam

Harry Jun says:

I watch these videos, and I’m like,”How is it he hasn’t been killed yet?”
He plays with flammable hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, eats dry ice, make a
stick welder out of a microwave, and melts rocks into lava using flashlight

Kitty cat says:

ITS BEEN MORE THAN FIVE DAYS WHY NO VID??!!?!??!!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

npsari1 says:

hmmm, how can rock melt but steel no? something ain’t right

Joshua Terry says:

I ordered a couple of carbon rods but mine don’t arc nearly as well as
yours do. By the time they arc they are practically touching. Do I need to
shape the tips? Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks! 

JBLaOHeI says:

so when are you going to make the iron man suit?

far8 says:

can you melt adamantium with that? wolverine would be pissed

WackyIdeas says:

welcome to 368 view club! How tough r u

Dan Broomhead says:

+Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” I’m going to try and modify this
and retrofit it to my coffee can forge for blacksmithing. I’ve been doing a
little reading and found a couple places that said graphite rods could be
used also. Would solid graphite artist’s pencil work or would that type of
graphite be too soft? I have a couple that are roughly the same diameter of
the carbon rods. Now, would larger rods, or a higher electrical output
accommodate a larger chamber size? Did you use the same wires that you used
on the welder or did you tap the MOTs and use larger wires to connect to
the vise grips? One last question, would the furnace be capable of heating
sections of a larger piece? I WILL be making this arc furnace and would
really appreciate your input.

BanglaTUBE says:

You sound different Grant, you got a flu?

김경수 says:

Wwow.. It’s Amaging
Next is iron !?

il51diablo says:

Nice. What is the power supply for this project ?

Bash Cat says:

He has never burned himself?



I noticed your arms weren’t covered while you demonstrated the carbon arc.
I studied them and found they do emit UV and can sunburn exposed skin.
Carbon arc was used for lighting outdoor events way back before good large
lamps were available. We should never look at a carbon arc without welding
equipment. It is remarkable the high temperatures you achieved with them. I
am glad you presented this experiment in such a clean and to the point

xXAquaticGamingXx says:

Anyone else thinking of a desktop lava lamp? Literally :D

Daniel Tracey says:

I like it just be careful what ever risk safety is number 1 YouTube is less
important than high electricity voltage and your life 

ReusKrispies says:

When the Sparks flew, I guess you could say I felt ELECTRIFIED! BAHAHAHAHAH

casinogiant says:

Dude you are awesome where do you get your ideas from…. Keep’em coming.

Lickmi Bahls says:

this is how the illurminarty did 9/11

pestr999 says:

I would love to see if you could get more detailed castings from the
copper. I have an idea for some custom coins and I’m not sure if it’s
possible to get rid of all those bubbles I saw on your copper casting.

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