Jonathan Harris: Rethinking Social Networking

Jonathan Harris: Rethinking Social Networking

Artist Jonathan Harris describes four trends that are reshaping culture in the digital age: Compression, Disposability, Curation, and Self-Promotion, and tak…



designbydaniel says:

Artist Jonathan Harris describes four trends that are reshaping culture in
the digital age: Compression, Disposability, Curation, and Self-Promotion,
and takes steps to counteract them.

iWuvzTuna says:

“Mediums” is the correct plural when referring to fortune tellers OR to the
materials and processes used to create art.

brongladest says:

that seems realistic, technology progresses so quickly that possibilities
for communication seem endless



Strontius89 says:

After tweets I guess we just have memes… with two lines of text :/ lol

RookOfOnyx says:

I know that feel, bro.

vicarious014 says:

fuck off then

3dstream says:


Gufberg says:

No. In retrospect i’m actually sorry i wrote that. Odds are that he has
looked at the comment section. It was meant as a sort of joke but it’d only
actually serve to accentuate the idea that homosexuals arent taken
seriously (even if he isnt) I guess i didnt really have anything to say but
just went ahead and said something anyway as so many people on the internet
seem to do. If you’re out there Jonathan Harris: I’m sorry.

Peter Claridge says:

Any chance that somebody at Big Think acts as a “technical manager” to
bring some correct audio levels to the content please?

shapedworld707 says:


Brady Szabo says:

you need to fire your audio guy. When you upload video, you need to boost
the audio because it always get knocked down. Would have liked to heard
what you had to say.

Luzfy says:

I think what he means by compression is the improvement in efficiency of
communication. The lag of time between communication of ideas. The idea of
hitting a wall is unrealistic since efficiency through a biological
viewpoint as well as evolutionary viewpoint is the continuing improvement
of communication. A major ingredient that allows for advancement of
species, as seen with evolution of the nervous system from nerve nets to us
now. There essentially isn’t a barrier just a higher plane of co


Your point?

Deyan Broekman says:

i disliked this too. i fucking hate twitter and ficbeeze.. i disliked
because he’s the bigges shittalker i’ve ever seen

Luzfy says:

Persay rather than moving on a different level. The speed of communication
on the lingual level will be most efficient when telepathy becomes
accessible to the majority of humankind. If all of humanity is connected
then a level of functioning improves to move forward more or really deal
with global ambitions, goals, hypothesis, etc in a more efficient manner.
Sort of the individual organism being the neuron of the world in biological
terms or excuse my inadequacy- router, as her said, of commu


Dude… speak up!!!

Nando Nguyen says:

Interesting hair

SynxVII says:

I watched the whole video but I couldn’t take any of it in. No idea what he
was talking about. Normally like these videos but this one is sub-par.

Waranle says:

Suck balls boy, suck balls 🙂

Rider Libertas says:

I never got Twit-Faced myself. I’m not that social in real life, never saw
a need to do it online.

Makkovar says:

You should use your tools right nonetheless. Wouldn’t want to hit yourself
with a hammer (or mistake a word to change the meaning of what you said..)

Danilet Adrian says:

indeed amazing ideas and a calm voice

JDRszostak says:

Lol what’s wrong with your guy’s ears? I don’t see how that was hard to
hear, perfectly clear to me. Anyways, this guy a incredibly interesting way
of looking at the internet.

Tinydestiny2 says:

At least you’re still jammin.

NicenEasyuk says:

Yea exactly the latter, skype etc. seems pretty out there now but really
it’s just clever binary. In 20 years time we’ll laugh at the idea of having
to ‘text’ people 🙂

Mr. Ricardo Spears Espinoza says:

Interesting perspectives, although he was virtually whispering to me.

Isaac Ross says:

Actually any singluar word can be pluarlized if you are talking about
multiple individuals. Example would be if one person came and picked up a
ticket from me I gave a ticket to a person. If 20 people came and picked up
the tickets, I gave tickets to a group of people. If multiple individuals
came to pick up individual tickets, I gave tickets to many persons. In this
case he is refering to multiple indiviual medium, or mediums. Any
individual word can be pluralized in this manner.

MrTerraBubble says:

That’s why some smart people never get heard.

Sagi Ismailov says:

me to bro i hate that fuking fake ass shit behaviour on twitter and
facewhore. i rather talk to people face to face or trough the phone:).

sesanner says:

The ideas and proposals expressed by Jonathan Harris ring true to my
experience. Mr. Harris clearly shows us how compression, disposability,
curation, and self-promotion busily toy with actual communication of the
quality that supports intellectual awareness and growth. It may be a
stretch to expect a population of humans reared on tweets to cope with
complexities in life now and in the future. Surely one aspect of culture is
both to maintain and to expand the quality of our thinking.


Your point in responding to my response? xD

David Randall Curtis says:

THAT has to be the dorkiest hairstyle I’ve ever seen! It makes me proud to
be bald! 😛

Miguel Dominado says:

I agree, self-promotion sucks…

cosmica says:

In this context…he is meaning, “An agency or means of doing something.”
Google is your best friend.

42Text42 says:

Length of the message would depend on the person. If i want to convey a
full length letter, i am not going to use twitter. Content has nothing to
do with the speed of which the message is sent.

VITH doe says:

Couldn’t stop looking at his hair, everything he mentioned was lost in the
receding curls.

Josh Paulson says:

Exactly, like your attention span is the length of a tweet? That’s kind of
exactly what he is talking about. haha

StoneSentinel says:

I’m actually a biologist with multiple postgraduate degrees. Who are you?
Based on your grammar, I’m going to guess that you are the one who is

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