Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender Media and advertising companies still use the same old demographics to understand audiences, but they’re becoming increasingly harder to t…



Hanzallah Hussain says:

she is some what correct in that gender stereotyping is slowly coming to an
end and it is all starting with the younger generation in that women have
much more power online and this is a good thing in that they are able to
have a say in thing and in more resent game women are portrait in a more
positive format there are now respected game with female protagonist and
female characters in general are now less sexualised the only problem being
that to get rid of gender stereotyping the focus need to be on teaching the
younger generation that this is incorrect not to try and not to force the
media to change because if we star with teaching the younger generation
they will adventaly go into the job and bring change from within and not by

Khristian Harkins says:

It’s the end of gender, but women dominate? xD Fucking contradictory. Stop
using the term “demographic” so much and stop fidgeting. It could have been
so much better.

Bangaru Wankhade says:

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender
Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender

Priya Hiriyanna says:

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender #TEDtalks #education
Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender

Phoenix Fire says:

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender

Emilie Priyadarshini says:

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender #TEDtalks #education
Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender

Eliana Corina says:
Tin Horvatin says:

Tko i kako koristi društvene mreže…

Bradley Gender says:
daniel mcqueen says:

At the end of the day, all of these feminist talks and woman empowerment
videos are a DIRECT result of biological differences…..Why are so many
people unsatisfied with being what they are? If you want to have a penis,
see a doctor.

kamikaze mind says:

@GameDevMonkey I dare you to read “Disappearance of the Universe” and try
to come away with an unaltered view of “reality”. It explains what science
is incapable of explaining. You’ll never be able to chop up matter in
enough ways to understand it. Physicality is an outward projection of an
inward condition. Give it a try. It’s a fun read. It’ll make you laugh and
think. And it could change the course of your entire existence. …

Judit K says:

@smokeyjon2000 Are there no categories of ideas? The whole idea of TED is
based on that: to bring together different areas of
ideas(technology,engineering & design) what was expanded to all sorts of
different things. Why would gender equality be an exception? (also your
idea of racial and religious equality)You can like it or not, but the
existence of it is not illegal and when people start saying that it should
not even exist just because they don’t like it than that’s wrong.

Guest655321 says:

@Bumblybee256 By introducing the argument claiming it seeks to ignore
race/age/gender categories and then quickly moving on to talking about the
critically important role of women (one of those catogories) over and above
any others, and certainly not ignoring categorization as they aim to do.

Greg Jalbert says:

Corporate media gangster cartels should be boycotted out of existence. They
propagate their crooked stereotypes as a way to enslave us, to cars, to
‘sex’, to money, to so-called ‘power’, and lots of consumerism. Just keep
buying all those computers and cell phones. More toxic e-waste ruining poor
communities around the world. Corporate media is controlled by the gangster
oil / industrial cartels, the polluters/destroyers of beautiful Earth. Look
at the topics at the top of their ‘news’ sites.

gerardo quintana says:

well is bcs the woman dot work the time the men does, but anyway i dont
tinhk she have a deam fucking clue about what she is talking

Dumass88 says:

@Dumass88 Probably, guess it’s more likely that people will become more
androgynous or something.

OsirisX238 says:

“I think that women are actually going to be, ironically enough,
responsible for driving a stake through the heart of cheesy sort of genre
categories like the chick flick.” -Johanna Blakley Yes because we have seen
that before with other media that women the majority consumers like music
and television, right? Maybe someone should make this woman read and then
watch the ‘Twilight Series’

Guest655321 says:

@Bumblybee256 She aims to break down the stereotypes, yes, but she
immediately begins building them back up by ascribing certain functions to
women and not just people who are perfectly capaable of having similar, if
not identical, effects (which is actually a point that she seems to start
making before veering off).

Klust413 says:

I’d have to say the best TED talk I’ve heard is still the Mike Rowe one.

phnixp0t says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The concept of emergence of women, is directly
comparable to thin sliced roast beef.

jade9154 says:

One thing that I found to be ironic/interesting is that although she said
it may be the case that women might start dominating social media and there
may be more female characters created in films, TV shows and games, there
were so many posters of those mentioned media outlets that were nonetheless
very stereotypical shows, characters, etc for the “feminine” gender.

kamikaze mind says:

@marjorielard Correction: I meant “Prof Brian Cox” not “Blakley” She cool.
And I love how she riles you men up.

daniel mcqueen says:

@roidroid There’s absolutely nothing to talk about but physical
differences. Everything else is bullshit.

Judit K says:

@smokeyjon2000 “Nothing else matters, just the point they’re trying to
make.”Why isn’t that true for TEDwomen? There were a lot of bad talks @
other TED talks. Those never got this kind of hate. None of them said that
“doctors are elitist why is there a TEDmed?” or writers are stupid why are
there words. 🙂 Would you also object if from your example @TEDblack there
were people talking about racism toward black people? Why? What’s worst the
racism or the talking about the existence of racism?

daniel mcqueen says:

@StrawberryZombie Do you mean to say that gender is not defined by
biological processes?

phnixp0t says:

@roidroid lol that was so long ago. Anyways.. you are right. and they don’t
count under any measures. They are either gay males or males who think they
are being sophisticated and mature by being a feminist. They also throw in
a word or two of french or something in their conversations.. ha ha ha ha
ha ha. I wonder sometimes how come the desperation in all of their efforts
are not apparently transparent.

OSqueezy says:

@M0US3P0T4TO I guess you’re saying that you are a mindless consumer, unless
you’re saying that you are somehow utterly unique in a world of 6.9999999
billion other mindless consumers. Then again, maybe you’re a thinking
person who feels unsatisfied by what the media currently offers to you,
despite their vast attempts to “mold you”. I guess that makes you part of a
group that represents an untapped market or a market that is changing.
Maybe that’s what she’s referring to.

hitssquad says:

@Dumass88 “It’s true that the Y chromosome is shrinking” I see a new
industry: Y chromosome enlargement.

roidroid says:

@heeh2 So your point now is that we should be asking ourselves what we
actually DO want (which could be influenced by our biology), instead of
telling ourselves what we SHOULD want (influenced by contemporary ivory
tower ideals etc). Yes? I’m still trying to see where the “If you want to
have a penis, see a doctor” statement fits in; it seems that you’re saying
that society’s limited gender roles are correct & absolute, and anyone who
questions them has a medical condition.

M akis says:

I think that she circles around a subject but doesn’t even begin to scratch
the surface, the whole topic should be about the labels that are put on
things/people/art etc. , and this is perpetuated by the defenders of
personal taste, for example: the ones who think that “it’s their taste” to
NOT like anything other than pop culture even though they’ve never really
tried anything else. & the internet maybe somewhat free because it’s not
exactly controlled but still it’s mostly governed by money.

Joel Owen says:

god this lady just pisses me off lol

dootzky says:

boring speeches about which we don’t care about.. fuck it TED.. I would
unsubscribe, but I keep hoping that I’ll catch some of the cool science
stuff here every once in a while.. *poo*

Judit K says:

@smokeyjon2000 What I mean is there are extremists in any group, and
extremist feminists are just as bad as any other kind of extremism (well
maybe not the terrorist kind :)) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t
differences in the rights & opportunities of men and women. We have it good
here in the so called west/civilized countries but that’s not the case
everywhere. So the fight for equality is not an unrealistic thing and not a
bad thing. Treating women like people is not extremism.

roidroid says:

@heeh2 So because of hard materialism…. mental gender is entirely
standardised with no variation, and women should know their place? Your
argument would have more merit if we actually had a robust sufficiently
sophisticated predictive biochemical model of how the brain works. We
don’t, and you’re taking large logical leaps which are contradicted by the
huge variations between people that exist in reality and can’t be denied.
Just read the “gender identity” article.

kamikaze mind says:

@GameDevMonkey notice Blakley doesn’t give any credit to the sophistication
of the Mayans about our cyclical path around the galactic system or their
extremely high accuracy of the astrological predictions far into the
future. He wants to dumb down and dismiss them not because of his inflated
ego so much as out of pure fear. Fear that he in all his education has been
on a “seek and do not find” goose chase, which is the ego’s mantra.
Eventually, the ego loses. It will laugh until it dies.

Judit K says:

@t3tsuyaguy1 ” Do you think that everyone, who is critical of TEDwomen is
a sexist reactionary?”No. I just got tired of seeing that every single
video from TEDwomen had the highest rated comment some stupid sexist
comment complaining of sexism just because there was a TEDwomen.Not
critical of the content just “why does this exist? this offends my manhood.
F*** you TED”etc. I actually agree with your criticism but those comments
were not criticism just whining.Criticsm is welcome,sexism is not.

MsEeveeMaster says:

i have read through all of the titles of the ted talks vids and clicked on
the ones that sound good and 90% of them are just like this one, extremely
misleading title

SalviaSeatBelt says:

263+ uncomfortable male hands ,afraid to let go of the chauvinistic
rei(g)ns gave thumbs down . of course Blakley is making a non-gender
statement . Your Thumb Down is a stereotyping in itself . If it were a dude
on stage ,you All would have give more credence .

melbournaut says:

“you chose poorly”

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