Inside Whirpool’s New Connected Kitchen | Mashable

Inside Whirpool’s New Connected Kitchen | Mashable

In just a few years, your kitchen surfaces will know what ingredients are sitting in your fridge, alert you when they’re about to spoil and tell you what to make for dinner. Whirlpool put…



As You Were Reading My Very Long Username I Stole Your Sandwich says:

Looks like she’s in the right place.

Stormfox says:

Awesome, but it really takes away the creativity and challenge of cooking. 

Sumon Dutta says:

#CES2015 #FutureKitchen 

Daryl Christensen says:

Wait until it has baked-on food that never comes clean. 

SelfAwarePedant says:

But I like my gas stove. Nothing like cooking with actual fire.

Greg Cannon says:

Maybe in the next house…

Saif Dingankar says:

+Mitali Halbe Home Wishlist Updated.

Zachary Walker says:

Inside Whirpool’s New Connected Kitchen | Mashable: this Oven is incredible

Rolf Aalders says:


Inside Whirpool’s New Connected Kitchen | Mashable:

davidred7697 says:

I fucking need (want really) this… 

BillOralRushRimjob says:

Every year at every tech related show for the last 65 years there has been
a “kitchen of the future” showing that is automated. When are they going
to realize that this is never going to happen, because everyone is
different and likes doing things their own way in the kitchen? You can’t
automate something like this. The closest you can get to automation is
prepared frozen meals you pop in the microwave.

Keyaneth2 says:

Get that presenter a freakin’ hands free microphone. Look at our awesome
tech but wait we’re going to make our presenter use a regular hand held mic
invented around 1945…

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