Incredible Future Technologies

Incredible Future Technologies

In this video I talk about incredible future technologies such as Advanced Next Generation Batteries, Mobile VR, Cybernetics and more. Help Support My Channel. Buy Computing Forever Merchandise,.



Computing Forever says:

Incredible Future Technologies

Pramod Kaushik says:

i think one of the channels in yt that atleast helping people to learn more
about tech rather than just tech gadgets.. nice info great way to pique
curiosity about tech..

SuperFIFTHGEAR says:

Wonder how much Goodyear would price their tyres at, and if they would last
anywhere near as long as the current tyres that we get. Could be a good
idea if they were actually priced realistic and worked well with current

We’re going way too far, I definitely don’t want to have a microchip in me.
When we get to that stage I’m giving up on life and going to live alone
hundreds of miles away from everyone. LOL! If any people come near me
with a microchip they’re getting shot. It’s bad enough having smartphones,
but sometimes it’s nice to just turn it off for a couple of days and just
relax, to get away from it all. I am also terrified of what the future has
in store for us in terms of technology. Can we just stop here?

Victor Kyalo says:

in the end it will people to choose what to do and approve it. they are not
forced into anything

MMat JJo says:

I thought the telepathy was pretty cool.

Computing Forever says:
chessdude67 says:

Sorry Dave…I’m having trouble keeping up with all the videos you’re
making! I’m enjoying them for sure!

 🙂 Thumbs way up!

Rothika Chin says:

So great show, I Like that
Thank You Computer forever 

Dylan Richards says:

I’m pretty much against this kind of thing. It could open up a world full
of issues with regards to privacy invasion, mind control and the possible
ability to extract data (such as memories) from your brain, onto a
computer. It may be useful in the medical field, but for everywhere else, I
see it as a problem.

Big Crunkey says:

As I get older I find myself wanting less and less tech, using a phone only
when I have too.. with that said my home set up looks like a friggin
command centre, so, it’ll be interesting what comes along in the future for
people like me, who love tech but don’t want a million devices

SuperJenius Productions says:

LOVE THIS! Thanks. You rock Computing Forever.

Aaron Linson says:

I don’t want to be a cyborg at all. However, I can not see out of my left
eye and barely out of my right I use a screen reader for my computer needs
and can’t see anything unless a foot in front of my face. I use a cane to
get around and read braille. I would like to have a new eye if it allowed
me to see and not give me ads or anything. Unless I want to see them.

Exodist Photography Video Blog says:

I would like to have the contact lens, my vision is BAD. But I would not
want it connected to any computer network. I would only want better vision
correction and night vision would be nice to. Now I also think something
like this would be good for those blind and can’t see at all. But I repeat.
Not connected to ANY network. Keep it simple.

Arjun Raman says:

You rock

Alin Banc says:

I have problems with tech being integrated into our cars to the point most
car fails are electronics related. I would never consider electronic
implants to my body. All augmentation I’m ok with optical correction for
our eyes, reconstructive surgery and other like those but having an
electronic device linked to my brain is creeping me out big time.

PoliticalHell says:

I don’t know why I find it funny, but I’m just imagining this implanted
technology something like this:

New firmware version 1.3.2 available for your brain:
– You should no longer be seeing everything in blue after sleeping for more
than 8 hours.
– Fixed a bug with your motor control skills when drunk. Your balance
should be normal for up to a blood alcohol level of up to 0.1%.
– Newly improved math processing skills: you can now compute basic math
operations 30% faster.
– Added new interface option to customize your dream advertisements based
on product preferences.

Computing Forever says:

Incredible Future Technologies

Rico says:

It’s only logical that we seek cybernetic perfection LIKE THE BORG! I’m
looking forward to corporate advertisement breaks every 10-15 minutes so we
are effecient consumers!

Andre Kataina says:

Microchips in my head, no thanks

imagine someone literally hacking into your brain!!!

Przemek Serkowski says:

Hey Dave, I know it’s rather biology than technology, but don’t you think
any development in cybernetic implants research should be abandoned in
favor of genetic engineering, or you find it even more creepy?

Arjun Raman says:

I think you are right

joshter652 says:

Grim future for technology 

Wanted797 says:

Interesting video Dave. I’m for technology being implanted and against. I
am strongly against any technology that is unnecessary in the sense of what
you say about a chip that could be our passport. Utterly pointless. However
I am all for technology to help with a function of the human body. Helping
a quadriplegic walk with robotic legs, maybe one day a prosthetic eye that
makes a blind person see (cochlear implant already exists). Sort of like
Will Smiths arm replacement in i-Robot. That stuff I am all for as it helps
people with making us become a slave to entertainment or notifications and

Adam Watts says:


Abdullah AL-Faraj says:

yes Dave, we shouldn’t be early adopters but we definitely shouldn’t be

Tony Bass says:

I think the augmentation could have huge medical benefits, such as for
helping people with disabilities; the blind will be able to see and the
deaf to hear. Advanced prosthetics could get to a point where they are near
indistinguishable from human parts and be a perfect replacement for people
who’ve lost them. Robotic organs that are more reliable could be used for
transplants and reduce waiting times on transplant lists

Dorupero says:

I think it’s going to happen at some point. Where technology is just there,
for you to do everything. I don’t agree, and tons in the future won’t. But
if it becomes “normal” people will start thinking that it’s normal to have
all of the chips. And if it becomes normal, you would get it when you are a
baby, so you can’t prevent that. So there is no way, that any government,
people or group should accept this. Because tons might still find it cool
for some reason.

ShadowReaper says:

On the movie the enders game that had some really cool tech they showed.
Like that tablet was cool when it had a hologram version of the person you
was calling. Also the tv they had was a hologram on the window and even let
you know when someone was at the door.

nopeyeahyou says:

You make some really good points! BTW, super cute! :)

baylen shaw says:

i totally agree why wade you wont to have a piece of tech in like your
brain or vain what if like it gets hacked or bracks or expoleds

Arjun Raman says:


Marla Cussen says:

Embedding something in my body is not something I could ever see doing
myself but I do see potential value in it for those who have problems like
chronic substance abuse or possibly serial rapists/molesters/perverts etc.
which make them unfit for society . Unfortunately, and sadly, there are
people in the world who are incapable of rehabilitation by the more
traditional means which are currently available. Perhaps for those people
embedding chips in them to control or eliminate their urges is something
worth pursuing. Admittedly going down this road is a slippery slope but if
it agreed to voluntarily by the individual, maybe there is some merit in

Shane Tom says:

Microchips in people’s body yeah huh? So #1 they our smart phones but we
don’t always have it… A chip in our body is always with us yeah sure sure

PoliticalHell says:

I don’t get the fuss about battery life. I use my phone regularly
throughout the day. If I don’t make calls, I usually have over 70% at the
end of the day. If I talk for 1+ hours, and have the phone with screen on
for several hours per day, I never managed to get it below 40%. I have an
iPhone 6 BTW, which people complain about a lot.

joshter652 says:

I would prefer a thicker better battery phone

Jeffrey Higurashi says:

Lol i would never want to be tracked then i have no privacy

SpyBomber64 says:

Dude! I thought about all the viruses that your head could get too! Man, I
don’t want anything in my body!

SpyBomber64 says:

Man about that good year tire! I’ve been thinking about how to gather
energy from the power of a vehicle’s movement! My concept was with planes,
where as a turbine rotates it’s connected to a belt turning a generator,
which in-turn gives the plane some added energy. I came up with this when
electric powered vehicles were just coming out.

doomtomb3 says:

Also you bring up an interesting point about the VR headsets. That’s
actually the real reason we have these ridiculously high DPI phone displays
now. It’s for future proofing the use with a VR headset to avoid the
“screen door” effect. Now instead of your eyes being 15cm from your screen,
it’s gonna be only a couple. So you need this ridiculously high DPI headset
thing to use it with. BTW, I have a lot to say so maybe you could create a
forums to go with your website. Thanks.

doomtomb3 says:

So Dave, for the past couple decades, portable electronics have proven to
us they would rather get “thinner and lighter” than reserve more space for
a bigger battery. While stacked memory and such is interesting technology,
I can almost without a doubt guarantee, we will not see bigger batteries
and thus significantly better battery life as a result. 

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