How Technology Inspires Me

How Technology Inspires Me

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Computing Forever says:

How Technology Inspires Me

Przemek Serkowski says:

Your vides are becoming more and more thoughtful. It’s always great to
check subscriptions and remind myself that there’s someone intelligent on
the other side. 

Liam Jaffray says:

Don’t listen to those arseholes Dave. We like you just the way you are.

Eric William -MKme Tech says:

I wish I could give this video 10 thumbs up. Truly profound and full of
truths many people would benefit from realizing. Thanks for this Dave.

Soham Chakraborty says:

It should be the best video on YouTube yet. Really! Great job Computing
Forever. I wanted to give it more than 100 likes. I don’t understand why
other people on YouTube give useless videos more and more likes and don’t
bother to give such a good video like this one even more than 2000 views.
Keep it up! Expecting a few more!
But I didn’t like the way you started the video and also if you would not
tell others to follow you on social media at the end of the video, it would
have a much greater impact on us.

FrugalTech says:

Very well done. This video is excellent food for thought. I am beginning to
think social media should be renamed to anti-social media. I have seen the
rudest possible behavior from people absorbed with their phones. Not
exactly the promised land that the tech companies advertise.

EveryThingTech -Nick Ackerman says:

Great video Dave very insightful and thinking outside the box. Not many
people are aware of these things. As a tech fanatic my self I like it
because it’s something I just enjoy however I do understand the
manipulative ways of the companies and how people are buried into these
products you couldnt go one day without spotting someone buried into there
phones. My question to you, do you think this only applies to tech
companies? Personally I feel this consumerism applies to almost all sectors
In this modern era. 

Peanutsreveng3 says:

I’m curious if you’ve watched any of the Zeitgeist Films or looked into the
Resource Based Economy or The Venus Project +Computing Forever? I reckon
they’d strike a whole bunch of cords with you as you already preach the
same of kind of things 🙂

While I kinda disagree about ‘social media’ not being social because of the
disconnect from many of the ways we communicate, I struggle to find people
I can converse with in my local area as they’re generally a bunch of
ignorant, selfish shits and trying to find the decent folks that I’d
respect requires I interact with far too many mongs. Online, it’s easier to
dismiss the bad ones and keep the good.
What’s needed is an improvement in video conferencing but that’ll require
the ISPs to do what they’re meant to be doing and upgrading capacity quite

SyberPrepper says:

Very thoughtful and very well delivered with all the photos and videos to
trigger the way different people learn and comprehend. This must of taken
a huge amount of time and effort to complete. Thank you.

Talons of the Raven says:

again great vid Dave, very honest and insightful ,there is poetry in your

Botsis Anargyros says:

Great Video, good work very well presented to the audience ! Congrats!

Rico says:

I think NASA was recently criticised for their intention to rent space
vehicles from privatised firms instead of building their own. It’s
troubling to think that there may never be a day where the average human
will leave Earth without a corporation profiteering.

Anoop Bhargav says:

Rightly said +Computing Forever . The last generation was actually the last
generation of explorers. The majority of the present generation is
ego-centered, self obsessed, narcissistic bunch of people waiting for the
next versions of hardware or/and software on various device dimensions
which is scary at times.

TreeThunder says:

+Computing Forever I agree with your message; ironically, I think that
most people would objectively agree with the premise of your
message…however, it seems as though once individuals begin to include
themselves into this equation, they then seem to lose sight and in many
cases even become oblivious to their unique and sometimes starring roles in
the perpetuation of mass consumerism. Most individuals seem as though they
are able to observe and recognize the phenomenon of mass consumerism when
studied or considered as a hypothetical, but then become immune to its
presence when participatively experienced at the micro level. At any rate,
another good video – cheers!

Przemek Serkowski says:

It is quite sad, that technology is always about profit or military
domination… But still, it could affect our lifes in other way too, and it
depends only on our attitude. 

Sola B says:

Another insightful video 🙂 

Boniface Onubah says:

Great video, echoing my sentiments and those of thinkers with beautiful
mind like Dave. Throughout history from primitive man to present day, all
useful tools were meant for meaningful tasks that make our lives
individually or collectively better. Technology is a tool as such. Bad
technology makes us idle lazily about and cause individual and societal
regression is just about every area or field of our lives, including social
progress. Something needs to be done progressively to stem this ultimately
destructive strides of control by irrelevant technological applications and
uses. It’s killing us. Dave for president anyone?

Computing Forever says:
MiningMadness0029 says:

True. Very true. Couldn’t agrees more. Watching your videos make me want to
use / get a social media less every time. Keep it up.

Classic Flix says:

Agreed. Agreed on all accounts. Is it an irony or a tragic failing that I
make videos for the internet? 

legolas1601 says:

The only thing I have to say it’s… I’m TOTALLY agree with you.

wrassmussen says:

I gave you a thumbs-up, Dave. It is good to know that there are people
like you who are not willing to be slaves to whatever gadget comes out. I
believe the same way. I hate being enslaved by anything, especially
technology. Looking forward to your future videos. Take care.


Jestice Brown says:

Wow this was to good 

Dominic London says:

I’m studying sociology at a-level and we don’t even learn about media, it’s
not in the specification. 

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. CFA says:

One word for you Dave, Awesome! 

PoliticalHell says:

I think technology is wonderful. I love it and I’ve devoted my life’s work
to it. But I don’t think organizations like NASA are enough to push it
forward. Corporations are a necessary evil, because that money drives
research and innovation, and makes possible things that otherwise wouldn’t
be – things that we can later use for actually bettering our world and

Just look at Google – one of the most influential and powerful corporations
in the world, and it’s thanks to them self-driving cars are such a hot
topic and might be on the roads in a couple of years. We can thank them for
new innovations in AI that are paving the way for the future of information
retrieval, image processing, and more. You can look at it as the company
that owns YouTube and Android and sells your soul to advertisements. I look
at it as the company that did more for technology in the past 15 years than
any other organization in the world.

roidroid says:

lots of footage of Brisbane in this video :)

Wanted797 says:

Great video Dave. I’ve studied the same topics as you and consumerism
really gets to me and has been more over the years. I look at some of the
stuff I have and how very little I use it and think ‘was it really worth
it?’ all those materials mined from the ground put together to sit on my
desk not being used but a tech company is super happy! I also have imagined
standing on mars or other planet and how truly awe inspiring that would be.
I have been seriously considering the last few months returning to study

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