How Facebook Is Good For Your Mental Health

How Facebook Is Good For Your Mental Health

Are social media sites like Facebook and Twitter really that bad for your mental health? Read More: Social Media and the Cost of Caring http://www.pewinterne…



Necromaster2077 says:

In my opinion, social media makes you f*cking stupid 

Narom Ngin says:

What the hell is Facebook? I only use Google+

Aaron T says:


Aquib Immanuel says:

somebody give me glass of water i am dying of first 

Bvbtroop says:

Who uses Facebook anymore? 

RulerL0rd says:

Oh really Dick News? Well my opinion is this. Fuck facebook.

SxKushxS says:

Well everytime i comment on a YouTube comment it just gets me more pissed
off so i’ve decided to stop looking at the comments from now on.

It’s either full of trolls or dumbasses who think they are right when in
fact they are stupid. Not to mention the racists and haters on here too.

Kwago Nite says:

really??? I am now much more happier since I’ve deleted feetbook!!

Mr. B Natural says:

Sigh; Why do Atheists Troll so Much?… Is it overflowing hate built up in
I would like to know why some people troll; especially Atheists.

Alexandre says:

I love how everyone is mad without actually watching the video properly.
What is stated is actually true, interacting with people on social networks
makes you feel better, unless you’re an anti-social neckbeard who spits on
social media as soon as they can because they feel insecure. I mean come on
now, don’t hate so easily.
I admit that the title is a little bit misleading though.

Lee Allan says:

Still no thumbnails, I guess DNews don’t read the comments, or even check.
So distant..

Rook2191 says:

sorry to say but ill be unsubbing after this, i dont know what changed but
something did, it went from “hmm thats seems interesting” to ” meh” maybe
its the people hosting, maybe its be, but sorry, bye

ZinayH says:

According to quantum mechanics, I am only manifesting my reality. So only
what I believe is what I only can create.. so I have control of my emotions
and mental state. No one else does.

So don’t be a week ass bitch.

I don’t let one determin the outcome of my state of mind and emotions..

Unless you are following how society controls every aspect of life.. then
you are a zombie with no soul. Or a mind of your own.

DyslexicGamer says:

People need to socialize on the web because they weren’t allowed to
socialize as children because they spent all day learning useless dates and
numbers instead of social skills in a mind rotting school ( school was
invented by the Prussians to make better factory workers and soldiers just
look it up, it’s not there to educate it’s their to indoctrinate ). People
are so socially retarded because they never learn true social skills and
there also afraid to discuss meaningful topics. Because they weren’t
engaged in meaningful topics at school or home so modern-day conversations
are very shallow and so are most modern-day relationships between friends
and spouses. Not to mention they weren’t allowed to socialize with adults
and they were stuck in a classroom with children of the same age so they
bonded with their peers instead of adults and people of varying ages. So
they weren’t allowed to learn from grown-ups so they are stuck in a state
of arrested development because it was basically children raising children.
So what I’m trying to say is we’ve been turned into a society of broken
socially retarded children! So in closing get your children the hell out of
school and spend some fucking time with them and allow them to hang out
with other children and teenagers of various ages so they can grow up and
become a fully realized human beings

Vaidas Šukauskas says:

Isnt it only correlation? Of course people who interact more on FB will be
more happy. You cant interact if you have not made friends in the first

Also, you’re happier if you send 25+ emails? Of course!! Jobless people
dont send many emails… Or friendless… Or whatever their issue..

Sadly the quality of this channel is dropping.. Or maybe i just didnt
notice it before?

jackendy cherenfant says:

I shouls start creating a social media soon.

Daniel West says:

I recognise that science is the constant evolution of education &
theoretical learning through testing & studies, but I feel like so much of
what I’ve learned over the years is slowly being refuted by new evidence,
often by stating the polar opposite. It makes it hard to fully understand a
theory or to trust what I’m hearing or reading. 

izzuddin667 says:

well Dnews is right for me because I only like what I like and ignore what
I don’t like…and I like a lot of comedy page that is popular and make my
feeling good..I don’t know why people say its wrong…

joshuadeleeuw14 says:

funny that Dnews at one point is like social media makes you depressed and
is bad for your health and the other day is like social media is good for
your health…

Layne Stanley says:

She was talking stress percentages, someone enlighten me, how do they
measure stress? 

Brandon Wisna Lâm says:

Butthurt people become butthurt, when research conflicts with their own
stupid hypocritical opinions. 

the internet says:

Everything in moderation is best.

bcbudqueen420 says:

What bs sounds like their being paid by fb cause some things make sense but
half of the points they make can be made for other things besides social
media and online interaction …. poorly done video dews is getting worse

Benimation says:

I made sure to like a lot of pages about puppies and kittens. Facebook is
instant therapy for me! xD 

Ram Jam says:

I disagree, as a college student, i see people waste time and obsess on
facebook. I understand it is a great media tool but being desperate for
likes is not good for health.

dc2008242 says:

….if someone ever says robots aren’t going to take over the world, I
respond by saying “look at all the people on their smartphones! THEY

Steve Spence says:

…. brought to you by facebook 

SlugSwaggaObi says:

Faiiiil. Face went this far to promote itself be cuz there failing as a
company haha

Victor Arnaiz says:

I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network account. And I
don’t think I would feel better with them.

alex chondros says:

I like how they say Facebook on the title and not social media in general

Youthro says:

I’m so glad you got Julia on the show!
Is she going to be a regular?

Iamdonald duck says:

SPYWARE is NOT good for you’re mental health

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