Guy Kawasaki on the Art of Enchantment | Revolution Season 2 | BrianSolisTV

Guy Kawasaki on the Art of Enchantment | Revolution Season 2 | BrianSolisTV

Brian Solis talks with Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist of Apple. Guy is also Co-founder of, Author of Enchantment, Reality Check, The Art of…



Juan Carlos Giraldo says:

The best way to learn is with the leaders, enjoy this great conversation +Brian
Solis with +Guy Kawasaki 

Eric Nakasone says:

Terrific interview.

Matt McCord says:

A great book and timely for healthcare providers that are enabling the
creative destruction of our healthcare industry.

Eric Nakasone says:

Are you likeable, trustworthy, and do you have great products to offer?

SocialProse Media says:

Does your organization have the three pillars needed to have truly
delightful relationships with your customers?
In this video, Silicon Valley greats Guy Kawasaki and Brian Solis discuss
Kawasaki’s book, “The Art of Enchantment: Changing Hearts, Minds and
Actions” — and how, in order to be enchanting, you must be both likable and
trustworthy, as well as have a great product or service. Most
organizations, they note, don’t do all three well. How can yours improve so
it can be truly enchanting to your customers? Watch: 

Vocus Inc. says:

Wondering what all the hub-bub is about +Guy Kawasaki’s #vocuswebinar
tomorrow? Here’s a preview of one of his previous talks thanks to +Brian
Solis where Guy talks about the art of Enchantment. Tomorrow he’ll be
talking about content, engagement and his approach to building a brand
community in accordance with his newest book, APE: Author, Publisher,
Entrepreneur. Check out the vid below and we hope you can join us tomorrow: 

Debbie Elicksen says:

Two people everyone must follow: +Guy Kawasaki and +Brian Solis 

Ryan Steinolfson says:

Yes we are the media, great interview, I just need to figure out the best
way to create an experience with my clients like the one that was
discussed. 🙂

Robert Moorman says:

Superb content and production value; this is how it’s done people! Good

Ridwan Jaafar says:

Wow! Crystal clear quality.

Timothy Carter says:

What a great conversation with you and Guy! It was enchanting. 😉

JoelECarlson says:

100,000+ nerds go to #sxsw. Love it! 😀

starryskies88 says:

He is honest and you can hear the smile in his voice. Great guy!

SoccerRockNY says:

Great interview! I’ve seen several of Guy’s video presentations here on
Youtube, but this one has to be one of the Top 5. Thank you.

Jim Thomas says:

Terrific interview and great insight. It is indeed a different world when
you’re marketing a product today. Every touch point has to be considered.
Thanks for keeping the Revolution out front in dialogue.

PIVOTmediarelations says:

Great interview with fantastic content! Highly enjoyable. Thank you.

sheroyg says:

social games

BusinessVideoPage says:

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Eleftherios Hatziioannou says:

Guys, you were both on fire… I loved the energy of this conversation.
Nothing but the truth. This happens when masterminds join forces. Every
customer and employee is first of all a human being we need to touch as
organizations and businesses. Real change. Real people. (R)Evolution!

Kerry Rego says:

Great quality video. Surprisingly clear.

DR1665 says:

Generally speaking, I pass on videos like these. It bugs me when I have to
slow my intake rates to accommodate video or podcasts. I also try to avoid
spending time on A-lister sites like Guy’s because, well, how many social
media “experts” parrot his every tweet? This video, however, spoke to me.
Enchantment. Meaning. Changing the world. Word.

Dave Thackeray says:

As @chrisbrogan said you can’t help but be wowed by the quality on display
here. I had to watch the whole thing just to figure how good the visuals
were throughout. Well done, BS!

Jimmy Rooney says:

Excellent video with Guy! Easy Guy.. don’t beg too much for Twitter to
start charging, please, lol.

ScammaD says:

“Do you mean “like” as in the facebook sense?” hahaha. Very insightful. I’m
also so happy to see such EDUCATED comments here. There is hope. lol.

Judith Sv says:

I think the anti social behaviour in apple is actually their best strategy.
They are not trying to be liked, they know their worth and they don’t need
to go out and blah blah about it.

pragrawal1234 says:

Brian doesn’t realize he is the one interviewing. Let Guy Kawasaki do the
talking …

Chris Boardman says:

great interview!!! always learn a lot thank you.

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