Female ex-Oracle engineers sue for gender discrimination

Female ex-Oracle engineers sue for gender discrimination

Enlarge / Pedestrian at Oracle Corp. headquarters in Redwood City, California. (credit: Michael Short/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Oracle has been sued (PDF) for gender discrimination by three female former engineers who allege they were paid less than men in similar roles.

The proposed class-action case was first reported on Friday by The Information, which said it was filed in August. Records from San Mateo County Superior Court, where the case was filed, indicate that it was actually first filed in June and then amended on August 28 to add a third plaintiff.

The lawsuit was filed by the same law firm, Altshuler Berzon, that sued Google last month on similar grounds, with three female ex-Googlers as named plaintiffs. Like the Google case, the Oracle lawsuit mirrors accusations first made by the government. In January, during the final days of the Obama Administration, the US Department of Labor brought a case against Oracle, saying that the company pays women “less than comparable males in comparable roles.” The government case also alleges racial discrimination.

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