EMC Social Media Caveman EXTERNAL 5-4

EMC Social Media Caveman EXTERNAL 5-4

A short video created to reinforce the key behaviors of effective social engagement to EMC’s global employee audience.



спонч боб says:

Mi piace 113 Non mi piace 0

Mili Ponce says:

Loved the animation and your voice is amazing!

gariouscom says:

i love the analogy made during the prehistoric time and the present socia
interaction online. Great video!

Axel Schultze says:

Awesome – It’s helpful, educational, fun and encouraging !!! Excellent job
EMC Axel Social Media Academy

Sean White says:

Really engaging and informative video on social media best practices for a

Andrew Maher says:

Very nice video showing employees how social media can really benefit the
company. Nice work.

S3Academy says:

What a great way to introduce Social Media to the team! Go EMC Team! Marita

EMC says:

Thanks, Marita!

Teddy Burriss says:

great Video EMCCorp – thanks for sharing this beyond your employees

Dantick09 says:

I don t get what EMC means

InstruxionAE says:

Lovely Animated Explanation about the power of Social Media! Timo

impactgreatness says:

Nice concept you have guys! This can be used as a presentation to companies
who are not aware of social media 🙂

Kristy Bolsinger says:

Great video EMC team!!

The Best of Youtube Videos says:

nice, there is a cartoons for evolution of technology. be familiarize with
the basic principles. blogging, tweets., story telling, elaboration and
problem solving

Rohit Kumar says:

Creative and Innovation Indeed

Natascha Thomson says:

Love it. Will promote on my blog at MarketingXLerator unless you tell me I
should not :-). Thanks! Natascha

Anthony Vandewerdt says:

Has Barry Burke seen this? Especially from 02:50 to 03:05.

Barbara Haines says:

One company’s social media policy – yep, 100% of their policy in under 5
mins of entertaining video. Really well done.

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