Coffee shop owners face backlash after “pick-up artist” podcast exposed

Coffee shop owners face backlash after “pick-up artist” podcast exposed

This was among the least explicit posts found among the archives of Holistic Game’s podcasts and Twitter feed.

Over the weekend, the founders of a coffee shop in West Asheville, North Carolina, found themselves caught up in a local uproar after their secret Internet identities, as hosts of a “pick-up artist” podcast and associated Twitter and blog accounts, had been exposed. The duo, Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens, eventually posted lengthy public apologies on Saturday confirming their involvement in the now-offline “Holistic Game” podcast.

The original Friday report on the story, from local events site AshevilleBlog, cited a Facebook post (which was not linked) connecting the founders of Waking Life Espresso to the podcast, and it included archived links to the duo’s audio and Twitter account, including copies of a few podcast MP3s. One of those podcasts, as mentioned by a report at Jezebel, included Owens telling a story about having sex with someone at a hospital who was drugged—to which Rutledge responded, “Could she give consent?” before the duo began laughing.

The podcast also included a lengthy text post titled “A Breakdown Of All My Lays,” which included physical and sexual descriptions of nearly 50 women, along with numerical rankings for their faces, bodies, and personalities. Since the list included a start time of 2012, it may very well describe women that either of the men met while operating Waking Life Espresso, which the duo reportedly founded in 2010. (More than one woman was described as having been met “in my business.”)

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