Burberry’s Social Story

Burberry’s Social Story

Luxury brand Burberry uses salesforce.com platform to deliver rich and exciting retail and runway experiences that are social and mobile first.



Patrick Jordan says:

This is very impressive to see. Seems like one heck of great hire for Apple.

Burberry’s Social Story

Logan Lynn Roberts says:

“I grew up in a physical world; and I speak English. The next generation is
growing up in a digital world; and they speak social. Whether you are
talking with customers or you are talking with employees you have to do it
on a social platform because that is the language they speak.”
-Angela Ahrendts, Former CEO of Burberry & Newly Crowned Senior Vice
President of Retail & Online Stores, Apple

#goosebumps +Angela Ahrendts looking forward to more from you. #thankyou

Sam Kennedy says:

I was critical of the fashion oriented hires last week and I do still think
Apple needs to step it up in services but have to say the more I learn
about Angela Ahrendts and her work at Burberry the more impressed I am.
Video below is a SalesForce.com piece but pulls the curtain back a bit on
Apple’s new retail chief. 

Haley Gardner says:

Love that +Burberry is praising the works of +Salesforce!

Huge moment for both companies.

The Social Box® - The Digital Agency says:

Apple went after Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry and hired her.
Someone who deeply believes that digital and social are here to stay and
can make a difference in your business.
Burberry is definitely one of our favourite digital super brands. Why? Just
listen to her.

#burberry #digital #thesocialbox #socialmedia 

Sandra Merliere says:

+Burberry’s Social story

“Wherever the customer is, as soon as they say something about the Burberry
brand, we should be able to hear it” – Inspirational quote from +Angela
Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry.

#angelaahrendts #digitalstores 

Angela Dunn says:

I thought the #ideachat community might enjoy this post I wrote for +HL7
Standards on finding inspiration from other industries for #innovation

Suzanne Chadwick says:

Wow really love this video re Burberry & Saleforce partnership. Amazing to
see such forward thinking & engaging companies!
Burberry’s Social Story

Daniel Lopes says:


Caliber says:

As we close out 2013, a bit of inspiration from Burberry on how the lines
between offline and online can be blurred to create something incredibly
different for the category. In reality, it’s very much catering to the way
we’re evolving – not only watching TV while surfing on our tablets and
smartphones but actually consuming more varieties of content in one
interactive experience. We’ll only move in this direction more.

Happy New Year and let’s make this next one our best year ever.

Richard Wishart says:

Watch this four-minute video, and you’ll understand exactly why Tim Cook
hired former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to head up Apple’s retail

Chris Beninati says:

THIS IS HOW OUR WORLD NOW WORKS…this video is truly inspiring to any
entrepreneur and is proof of the digital world being a monster brand
influencer for consumer experience and loyalty. via +Burberry #social
#branding #marketing #fashion 

Saumya Suhagiya says:

Apple has just hired CEO of Burberry.

The company which exists from 18th century in world of fashion. The exiting
thing about news is the talk. Marketing minds will really love this.

#customerfirst #inspirational 

Katie Drechsel says:

SimKap Advisory Corp. says:

Every company would want this and every company should have it!

ITESA | Get Customer Experience | Social Gogo says:

You’ve GOT to Watch – Retail, Social and Customer Engagement -Burberry’s
Social Story – YouTube http://buff.ly/16sp4Gl #5thGCF #PACE

Magdalene Lim says:

Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry but soon moving to be VP at Apple, is so
amazing. And beautiful! Haha.

VantagePoint CRM says:

Watch #Burberry’s success story with Salesforce. Our #consultants can help
you reach success.
Burberry’s Social Story

Sri Sridhar says:

This explains why Apple appointed ‘Angela Ahrendts’ as head of Retail

Paula Grave says:


K & E Sheet Metal LLC says:

Curious how a big biz uses social and technology to move the brand forward.
Check out Burberry’s story http://buff.ly/1cpT98J


A year old, but still brilliant. ‘Burberry’s Social Story. 

May Liss Wasmuth says:

Do you speak social #burberry #omnichannel #mobilefirst

AVOXI says:

It’s interesting how she describes the world she grew up in as opposed to
the way it will be in the future.

Amanda Emmanuel says:

Love it! Angela Ahrendt hits the nail on the head
#digital #technology #strategy #business 

Island Life & Times, Turks and Caicos says:

“The onus is on us”…love it…

Pipeline Marketing Group says:

Inspiring Video: @Burberry Fully Embracing #SocialMedia via @Salesforce –
Check Out Their Store of the Future at 2:15 http://ow.ly/omaB8

Steve Retka says:

Recent Apple hire Angela Ahrendts is really impressive in this Burberry
video on the value of mobile. It’s clear why Tim Cook brought her on board.

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