Best Technology of 2013

Best Technology of 2013

In this video I give my opinions on the best things in technology over the year of 2013. Enjoy the Video! [MORE INFORMATION BELOW] (Social Media) Twitter – h…



SheGotSneakrs says:

Your video quality is amazing!

ComputerMDofGilbert says:

Do you know how to get the Canon Rebel T3 to autofocus on video. I just got
it for Christmas, and I am having a bit of trouble. I know this is
completely off topic from your video, but great video! 

Justin says:

I think that the note 3 is too big. It would be hard to get it in your


In this video I give my opinions on the best things in technology over the
year of 2013. Enjoy the Video!

Hichem Dzrap says:

You are amazing !
an Algerian was here .

Justin Han says:

Can I do a video like this on my other channel

K crazy4life says:

Nintendo said “The Wii AND Wii u systems are not meant to compete with the
big time systems”. So I think its for people with a family more than

Pokey Evans says:

Great review however i definitely prefer the Nexus 5 over the Note 3 i am a
pure android enthusiast ok

addybongo says:

Nice video

Max Mendelson says:

Hey you have inspired my friend and I to start a channel called DubWebFilms
and I would like to thank you! We do unboxings and reviews!

CrazyCakes4Life says:

Hmm. So you got a PS4? When will you do an unboxing?

jedimigue says:

2,717 views and 67 likes? LOL


dude ur amazing man 

Ikenna Nwalor says:

1st i guess :)

MrMultiMan3000 says:

You Are Suck Mudżiń!

Nam Vam says:

Is it true? Will you be giving away a ps4?

tone diaz says:

Techismason I have the ps4 and I have a channel I have been watching your
videos since way back when u did corny vids that were funny though haha and
once you get the ps4 and note this name add me repinohio thanks man I’d
appreciate a lot 

StrongGamer99 says:


mic jager says:

i gotta ask cause you look really young but how old are you? also xbox one
over ps4 what do you like more? you earned another sub bro!

Ding Dong Ditchers says:

I’ve been on the grind trying to make money like you as a teenager . Thanks
for all the inspiration !

Mac Circle says:

Great Vid as always

subtector says:

Hello YouTube, Tehcismason here and i look like an ape, smell like shit and
have bigger lips than a gorilla; Oh and my IQ it’s below ten *Insert Monkey

Ralph Jason says:

Great video man! Nice way to end out 2013.

DemPhysicZ says:

365 view1

Miroslav Motrunchyk says:

I want to buy one of those pill beats boxes

KarmaSwiss says:

Shat do you make your intros on?

DaRkProDucTioNs00 says:

Wow, there’s phones stronger then the strongest computer in my house… And
there wasn’t a best computer of the year?

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