[Archive] Tech Talk #68 – UPS/FedEx Wont ship Printer Mills???

[Archive] Tech Talk #68 – UPS/FedEx Wont ship Printer Mills???

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MiChAeLo KGB says:

I saw somewhere on twitter a time stamp of the Jay messing with Jerrys PC,
does somebody know it? SAs I think it was 2:30 or 2:45, but I am not sure.

Ok, so the video is here:

Also, damn I want that butt sex scene 😀 😀 :D

cee128d says:

You need to have Paul on every week. He adds so much to the mix.

Deadviny Dufter says:

Jerry takes so much time to come

OscarGonzoJim says:

paul is cool as hell it would be awesome if he could show up more on the

X3nonEyez says:

Best thing for me was when you were with Logan and during the DX12 talk,
and it was me and few other chill as guys in chat, and we were just
chilling talking about hardware stuff and being all cool and understanding
that Jay was gone. It was actually pretty cool all those people were really
chill and cool to talk to :)

The GreenBean says:

What a great show. Funny shit.

Joseph Oleynik says:

Jay just wanted to say I think you’re a great youtuber, definitely in my
top 3. I’m building my first custom PC, and your channel helped me more
than you can possibly imagine! Thanks Jay, keep up the great work.

Robert Santellan says:

+JayzTwoCents Dude! That shipping debacle you described around 39:00 has
happened to me several times. I live in Fontana California. Literally the
next town over from Ontario where MonoPrice is located. Being too lazy to
pickup my order, I had it shipped. It left Ontario, went to Anaheim, from
there to San Bernardino and finally, to my door step. Thats not even the
worst case. I had a package go from Minnisota, to Arizona, to San
Bernardino California, to Anaheim, then somehow sent to Seattle Washington,
then Ontario California and then to my doorstep. WTF!? LOL

Shane Derry says:

anyone else having sync issues??

Gershon Dharmanandan says:

iamapropos’s laugh sounds like berkel from LMG!!!!

MrMGR1986 says:

Hackintosh PCs are illegal.. Period.

Daniel Lourido says:

Damn, you need to have a serious talk with Barnacules. I mean, this is how
you make part of your living and is what you love, so the lack of
appreciation is real. I know you are your own bosses and all but still. I
thought Jerry’s “I don’t give a f$ck and I wear pajamas to funerals”
attitude would’t go as far as a no-show. 

Almin Helex says:

Whoop whoop next one is number 69 whopwhopwhopwoopwoop

CX_Jay Bird_XD says:

wow my 280x tri-x from sapphire has a backplate… thats cray

YourGamePlanet says:

You guys in america have problems. In germany I get my stuff in 1-3
workdays ;D 

BL Flame™ says:

Jay my man, does it not get annoying when they talk over you?

Noswolf kop says:

where is video of that Biggins Guy? :D

ForceGaming G1 says:

+JayzTwoCents i fell on my ass down some stairs and with all the pain
because i hurt my tailbone i still sat down and watched your TechTalk
because i loved it ….i love all of your vids and sorry to hear about
Skunkworks and your looking healthier and i might be getting my self a bike
need to lose a few pounds my self good luck to ya

michael warne says:

i wanna know what iamApropos is drinking he looks drunk 39:00

Tim Nichols says:

Jay I dont think that the card you held up was the 8GB flagship
card….Unless thats just a Toxic edition card then i have no idea but the
8GB Vapor-X has a sexy-ass backplate. 

neurotoksin says:

I like you Jay.

aXnMaN says:

First………oh damn im one of them now :-D

Edward Crisler says:


First thanks for the shout out on the video, was great hanging with you
guys. A small correction on something you said. the card I sent you is a
290X Tri-X 8 gig that is NOT the top card. The top card is the 290X VaporX,
the 8 gig and 4 gig model of that card do come with a back plate. The Tri-X
was an effort to offer an 8 Gig card and reduce the price some.

MA Tech says:

jay I saw a special on discovery channel about UPS a few years ago , they
will ship anything they shipped a whale (yes a living whale) an elephant,
and a plane in the documentary. I would never have though it myself either
if I had not seen it.

ChristmasSamurai says:

My last amd system burned down my house.

Jim Morgan says:

LOL net-neutrality/draconian-rules to stop what they don’t want you/I/we to
know and or talk about. The same way china and other country’s have done.
Oh and more tax’s. We the sheep-people. We keep allowing our servants to
rule us. Amazing. That is the only reason we have not seen the 300 pages.

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