7 Myths about Technology

7 Myths about Technology

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Computing Forever says:

7 Myths about Technology http://ow.ly/MrvSV

Computing Forever says:

Please Share >> 7 Myths about Technology http://ow.ly/MwtPD @viso

Anoop Bhargav says:

More megapixels = better photos 🙂 It is actually the sensor that matters
🙂 People often say, my phone’s camera has higher mega-pixels than your

Computing Forever says:
FrugalTech says:

Great video Dave. Yep there are tons of these kind myths out there! Thanks
for taking the time to make this vid.

VISO Network says:

Think you know #tech? @lack78 has 7 Technology Myths to bust!! Find out the
truth in his latest video! https://youtu.be/XLd_B5KECwI

Chundynator says:

cable superiority depends on the type of signal which goes through it

if it’s digital the quality doesn’t matter, if it’s analog – things get a
little bit more complicated

DerpMans Derpyskin says:

About that last one, I think that IOS keeps items fully loaded, in the ram,
until ram runs out. Though they wont be “running” the app, it will still be
in the ram. Of course the ram on IOS devices is usually pretty small.
Android (probably) does the same thing. It tries to keep the app loaded as
long as it can, until it needs that space in the ram. But it can usually
keep more loaded, because they tend to have more ram. (Though a large
portion of that ram is taken up by the OS)

Dell0304 says:

Oh my god the iOS closing apps thing is so true. I see people doing that
all the time and it angers me on the inside.

Computing Forever says:

7 Myths about Technology http://ow.ly/MrvSV

Master_andreas says:

i did not believe any one of them

James Revels Composer says:

The cable one I’ll have to disagree with. I remember I bought some XLR
cables from guitar center, then later upgraded to monster cables. It was
clear the monster was clearer because the guitar center one’s left small
artifacts, that only the truely ocd would find lol

Sola B says:

Thank you for clearing up the phone tower one, that I didn’t know.

Giordano Sosa says:

Good video. Just want to point out that your fact about phone signal
strength versus quality is not well stated and can lead to misinformation.
Signal Strength (RSRP in LTE or RSCP in UMTS) is what is usually reflected
in the signal bars of your phone, Quality on the other hand can also be
measured as Ec/No on UMTS or RSRQ on LTE, but this is not affected only by
how many users are in the cell, nor the fact that there is too many users
means there is low quality. You will indeed get less throughput because the
air interface is a shared medium, which seem like what you were trying to
conclude. Keep up the good work.

Rhedox says:

What you said about Androids multi tasking is myth as well. To run in the
background apps need to register a service and have a persistent
notification. Only very few apps actually do this. (music apps for example)
All the other apps get suspended when the user switches to another app or
to the launcher. Just like on iOS they save their states and load them,
when the user returns to the app. In fact a huge part of an app even gets
suspended, when the user rotates the device.


With the expensive cable thing, i got a 2.99 hdmi and it was way worse than
the component (RYBG) cable that i was suing to connect my xbox to my tv, i
wnt out and got a 17.99 samsung one and it was still wose than component,
the text is more fuzzy and the colours are washed out, in my experience all
hdmi cables are a rip off as they make the picture worse. ive tried tit
with two different modern tvs and with 3 different xboxs and i get the same
result, am i doing somthing wrong or are they all just a con ?

Sam Sirna says:

Happy I didn’t buy this:
(Not that I would of.)

Aboudi el masri says:

I really like these kinds of videos they actually show technology and how
in this case its myths affects our life same with some of your blogs and
rants. this is what other tech channels lack and this is why i keep coming
back and watch all your videos
as always amazing content
– aboudi

eneboer says:

Maybe you should have made it clear regarding cables that the quality is
not really relevant in regards to transmitting a digital signal. However if
you are transmitting an analog signal cable quality matters. So for you
guys talking about charging and guitar sound quality those fall under
analog signal and for that quality matters.

Don:Ellis Music says:

Great video Dave! While I already knew some of the myths like macs not
getting viruses or expensive cables being better than cheap ones, I
actually never knew that closing apps on iOS doesn’t save battery life. I
learned something new today. Thanks!

dmpoulain says:

An extra thought on recharging battery: your battery will actually last
longer if you recharge it when it is around 60% full. Apparently,
recharging a battery from 0% to 100% has a negative impact on its life.

iresh arachchige says:


Axyl Fredrick says:


kauxkaux says:

Can you recommend me a backup app to clone hard drives?

SyberPrepper says:

Loved the content but couldn’t help to notice what a great job you did on
the editing. You kept things flowing quickly and had so much video and
images popping in as well including panning the stills. Simply excellent.
Now have you heard the myth about Big Foot preferring Mac over Windows?

DynamixWarePro says:

You need a great camera to make great videos (similar applies to

Yes the better quality camera you have with the more features can let you
do more and give you better overall final video quality, but that is only
if you know how to use the camera, shoot and edit videos well and that the
camera you are using, suits the types of videos you want to make.

A great video isn’t defined just by what camera you use to record the
videos, its largely down to how the videos are made from start to finish,
from the initial ideas, scripting, filming, editing etc….

Graham Clarence says:

The only one I didn’t know was 7. Thanks for the tip! 

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