5 Bizarre Technology Facts

5 Bizarre Technology Facts

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Computing Forever says:

Thanks for all the great comments guys! 

Computing Forever says:

5 Bizarre Technology Facts http://ow.ly/FO6xR

Peanutsreveng3 says:

Sup Dave.

I’m going to pick on your YouTube statement, whether you like it or not
(and I’m cold and squiffy, so.., well, deal with it, or not).

YouTube needs to fuck off and die, the soon, the better IMO.
The finance model for the people that actually produce content which brings
people to it is moronic and follows an archaic business model.
The sooner a new site comes along that works for the creators without
making a HUGE amount of money for the middle man (including the
inefficiency) the better.

The medium should bring in sufficient funds to cover the cost of the
traffic (more bitTorrent yo), with perhaps a little profit, most of the
remainder going to the creators (who don’t spam the fuck out of my sub box,
because, fuck them) and the little left over going to whatever the users
vote for.

Alin Banc says:

Signal to noise ratio is [lower] than ever. If your SNR is high, that’s
good. If your SNR is low, that’s bad.

VISO Network says:

You don’t want to miss the latest video from @lack78! Check out ‘5 Bizarre
#Technology Facts’! http://ow.ly/FW2Vn #tech

DynamixWarePro says:

I often wonder how YouTube keep up with storage for all these new uploaded
videos every minute, they must use huge amounts of storage space.

TalesOfWar says:

I think the most bizarre take from this list is that webcams are in TV’s. I
HATE “smart” TV’s with a passion. The UX is so incredibly bad. Give me a
great quality panel with a nice sturdy design with just dumb in puts and
I’ll be happy. I’ll even pay more (not much lol). It’s beyond a joke when
it takes longer for your TV to boot up than your damn computer.

Mitchell Steindler says:

Fun video :)

Aditya Ravishankar says:

I find it disturbing that youtube has no competition! Come on
Microsoft/apple/amazon/ any startup

Andy Short says:

Cheers Dave. Still getting my head around the brain capacity one. Had to
scrub back for that one…..

TreeThunder says:

Another interesting tech fact…Apple has already begun to hype their next
iPhone, which of course makes their new iPhone so run of the mill and
outdated…count your pennies folks…the time to buy the next, newest,
latest, basket of malarkey is upon us – NOT….!

Isaac Rogers says:

Did you know that currently, if you where to watch every YouTube video, it
would take approximately 1000 years.

Isaac Rogers says:

Did you know that 600 tweets are sent every second?

Computing Forever says:

5 Bizarre Technology Facts http://ow.ly/FO6xR

doomtomb3 says:

I think when you say signal to noise ratio is at its highest ever you mean
lowest! As in most noisy. Still great idea for a video!

Computing Forever says:

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