4 Technologies That Will Soon Be Obsolete

4 Technologies That Will Soon Be Obsolete

A Look at four current technologies that will soon be made obsolete. Help Support My Channel. Buy Computing Forever Merchandise, Mugs, Hats, T-Shirts: http://ow.ly/3v3TWq PayPal Donations…



Computing Forever says:

4 Technologies That Will Soon Be Obsolete http://ow.ly/L8Lko

Dylan Richards says:

As you said, it’s going to take at least a decade before hard drives are
completely overtaken by solid state drives; when you can get a 1 TB SSD for
£65, that’s when HDDs will be completely gone.

I don’t like wireless charging, or the idea of wireless connections to the
machine for data transfer; I’d much rather have physical connections.
Firstly, they’re a more reliable connection (just like Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi),
and secondly, I’d hate to think of the health complications that so many
microwaves going through your house would create. And it won’t just stop
there. Microwaves can pass through walls, so nearby houses will also cause
problems, both in terms of a reliable connection for simply charging your
device (for example), and in terms of health.

And lastly, I think a 300 GB BD medium would be incredibly effective;
mostly for games, and although it might take a little working around to get
them into the newer consoles, I’m sure it’ll eventually happen. For
instance, with games such as GTA V, Rockstar could add a plethora of new
features and content without having to sacrifice much in terms of quality
or bit-rate to squeeze it onto the disc. And GTA V is great as it stands,
so it only seems fitting to see optical media improve rather than disappear.

I’m also one of those people that hate the lack of physical copies of
games, and cloud storage. I don’t want to download everything.

id15yes2 says:

Noisy computers with fans (I hope).

Lambo RiDDicK says:

Wireless aren’t everything. Doesn’t matter how fast they are sure it’ll
harmful for environment. I/O port, mechanical drive and optical drive are
very important aspect when come to PC also most of the times for laptop.
Without this specs PC & Laptop will be useless.

I’m struggling with my notebook without optical drive. I ended up spend
almost £79 for external DVD-RW drive. It’s bad.

We all know how horrible just one USB-C type port. Make use spend more on
adapters. It’s a silent rip off.

Good video Dave. Keep up ;-)

Gideon Quaife says:

I still use optical media on a day to day basis. I probably would struggle
without a BD-R disc.

Antonina Busse says:

What is the point of storing things in a cloud? How are you going to acces
them when you’re not connected to the internet?
New laptops doesn’t have a CD holder? Shiiit. And the blue-ray is way to
expensive. And changing my CDs to blue-rays would also cost.
I am also wondering how am I going to buy electronics when the dollar is so
expensive :/ It’s almost 4.00 now in my currency! And for most of the time
it was below 3.00 . Seriously.

Mitchell Steindler says:

woh you went to paranoia town with that last point

chrisose says:

I agree on the optical disk, it is going the way of the cassette tape,
floppy disk and zip drive. The 300gg blue ray is interesting but
considering I just picked up a 5tb external drive for $150 I doubt that a
new blue ray standard is going to do much.

I think the issue with phones taking over for point-n-shoot cameras is two
fold. First the quality is close but to get a better image you need better
glass and snap ons by their very nature add a margin of error to the
images. The second also references your comments about memory. While many
phones have micro-SD slots they are often a pain to access so taking a lot
of max res photos on your phone quickly maxes out your memory, especially
because the kind of person who take a lot of pictures with their phone also
tend to have tons of apps, ringtones, widgets and who knows what else
downloaded. Sure you can upload to the cloud but then you run into the
limitations of wireless (as you also talked about).
If I want good pictures or video I grab my DSLR or GoPro and leave my cell
phone for quick reference shots or “This is where I am now” pics for my
wife while I travel.

I think you were pretty much spot on with the port situation also. If you
want a fine example of the reliability of wireless look back to the Apple
event where Steve Jobs came out and asked everyone to turn off their phones
and computers so that he could get the new Apple toy connected with enough
speed that it would look like it actually worked. I work several big
conventions each year and it is always fun to watch the companies setting
up using WiFi devices to provide some slick control and it works fine UNTIL
the entire convention floor turns on their WiFi systems at once. From that
second on it is impossible for anyone to use WiFi for anything. I walk the
floor running a WiFi scan app and counted 84 different WiFi signals trying
to compete within the same 4 walls. Oh and Bluetooth wasn’t any better.

As for cloud storage, events like “The Fapenning” should teach people a
lesson about storing anything they do not want seen by the public on
storage media that is not in their control.

DS Tech says:

You showed a lightning connector for USB c

Armando Valmont says:

giant passive coolers (that still look like coolers taken from a V8 car
engine) will soon become obsolete since the TDP of future processors will
be much lower. and in a few decades silicon based microprocessors will
vanish and we will have optical processing units which won’t emit any heat
at all. 

gonigeena says:

I agree about optical media and digital cameras, but people still need a
reliable, CHEAP storage medium and some things are impossible to do
wirelessly, such as audio.

Nicholas Curran says:

I don’t like using Cloud storage services to store all my personal files
seeing as it is storing your stuff on someone else’s property who may
change their terms of service at any time and the files are only as secure
as the password on the account, which is the reason I assume so many
celebrity nudes get leaked. Cloud storage is only handy if you need to
store a few small files that you need quick access to and nothing more. I
have TB of files and cloud storage simply doesn’t work for me in terms of
speed and storage needs.

Computing Forever says:
Grid21 says:

I am getting really tired of people saying that SSDs are SO much better
then HDDs. First off, SSDs have less of a life expectancy, their to much
money, and I think their to weak to be worthy to be used in any machine I
build. I love my HDDs and I hate cloud storage. I don’t want some num num
going through my person files just because he’s paid too. I want all my
person files local to me on my own server of external hard drive. The irony
is that in SOME but not All cases cloud storage can be helpful if your
working on a project. Other wise, all my data stays with me. I have 4 great
WD internals that run fantastic, my boot times, rendering, gaming etc, are
awesome. My computer never misses a beat. That goes with Optical drives
too. I make DVDs for customers all the time. I need my Optical drives to do
my job. I honestly disagree with most of this video, although I do love
your content.

Liam Jaffray says:

So you don’t use any Cloud storage solutions?

Joey JoeJoe Jr Shabadoo says:

I have already said it before, I fucking HATE the cloud, HATE IT! It just
makes some things marginally more convenient, and IS just a way for
corporations, and the government to find out more about you. I will NEVER
store any personal data in a cloud storage shithole. I still buy HDD (not
SDD’s yet, still waiting for those to get better). The only thing I use
cloud storage for, are game saves in Steam, and thats it!

I also still use shit loads of DVDs for archiving data too. I will also
never let go of my big trusty desktop PC. Tablets and smartphones have
there place, but that place is not to replace the desktop. I even use a
tablet here and there, like right before going to bed.

sayresy Devino says:

Ports on lite computing devices may strip down to 1 or 2 – but for any full
spec computer, ports are needed, for many reasons and not just the one, I
mean, how useless is that..

Optical drives are now £18 and you plug em in when you need to.

Stacked SSD’s are gonna be massive in popularity and in TB’s. Cloud is
handy for trivial storage requirements but you gotta have your local drives

liam's music says:

I have an SSD now, would never go back to a standard HDD ever again! Think
this will be quite a quick shift in the next few years.

Soham Chakraborty says:

Nice video but what about mouse? 

Neueregel says:

We need a cheap 1TB SSD soon, otherwise I’ll stick to all my 2TB 2.5″ HDD
drives, only 100$ each. I’ve only got one 256GB SSD, that’s barely enough
for the OS fast boot up and a few basic progs, but clearly not enough for a
basic media collection nowadays

Computing Forever says:

4 Technologies That Will Soon Be Obsolete http://ow.ly/L8Lko

Chupick Nicolas says:

“smart” watches

Seahawks2014 says:

Agree on all points except for the cameras.

First of all: never mind the resolution, the smartphone/tablet camera
sensors are a joke. Larger area sensors in the same technology node will
always own them noise and ISO performance wise (that’s physics) and I’m not
even talking about ridiculously limited composition possibilities of
smartphones: for shallow depth of field you need large sensors and fast
(=wide aperture) lenses. That’s physics again. Yes, maybe you could
software-emulate it at some point, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Second of all: No, DSLR are not the future (and I’m saying this as a proud
FF DSLR shooter). The moment mirrorless close the autofocus speed gap, the
DSLR are history.

So to conclude: In the foreseeable future, the smartphone cameras should
cater for the ordinary selfie shooters, who have no idea about photography,
composition, optics etc. and just want to take pictures of their own
grinning faces distorted by the combination of focal length and shooting
distance used. Whereas the prosumers and pros will sooner or later all
converge towards the mirrorless and choose the format size according to
their skill, need and budget.

Bill Baldwin says:

Nice way to end it, with the mention of the way of the floppy drive. I was
thinking of this example and an idea I have which seams to be more and more
true every generation. As technology keeps moving forward, it keeps
speeding up development and release times, and shortens the life span of a
said technology. For example the standard 3.5 inch floppy drive was first
introduced in 1982, and was retired in the mid 2000’s.


@ 1:53 those aren’t USBc connectors it’s 4 iphone lightning connectors. And
can we stop calling Client Computing “The Cloud” because cloud is a
meaningless buzz word.

Tyler Simpson says:

Honestly, of all of the issues with the new 12″ MacBook, lack of ports is
theoretically the smallest for me. The only time I plug stuff in to my
laptop is when it’s docked with an external display, mechanical keyboard,
mouse, and speakers. This means plugging in MagSafe, mini display port, a
non-reversibile USB hub, and audio each time. A USB C hub reduces this to
just one cable. I’ve probably plugged an SD card into my laptop once while
on the go in the past year. That’d be a minor inconvenience, and one that
could be solved with a WiFi SD card.

Lionel Richie says:

I hope PC towers become obsolete

SuperFIFTHGEAR says:

I do agree with you about I/O ports; I would prefer they stick around. the
USB C port sounds interesting, but I don’t know, I still don’t think you
could do everything with those ports. Depends how many you would have as
well, a laptop with say 6 USB C ports could be possible.

Mechanical hard drives. Currently I see them sticking around for a while
longer. They’re more reliable than SSDs and are considerably cheaper and
offer a larger capacity. Possibly in another 20 years, hard to say. The
speed at which technology progresses is just terrifying.

Consumers using phones and tablets as their main devices. Yup, that just
about sums up everyone else. 😛 I couldn’t do it. I really hope
manufactures don’t stop producing camcorders, however they’re already
unfortunately slowly cutting back on production. 🙁

Cloud computing does worry me. I have a Dropbox account and I think that’s
it. I rarely use it unless I need a Word Document in several places and
it’s more convenient than e-mailing. Otherwise I still use internal and
external mechanical HDDs. iCloud leaks etc really put me off, not to
mention the expensive yearly rate if say, you want to allocate 1TB to

cmb271 says:

I would like to see the world when people decide not to use company based
cloud solutions and just host a small server within there home which they
can link up to over the Internet on a secure custom protocol.

Bill Baldwin says:

I love blue ray and don’t want it to go away for a while. I have the whole
9 seasons of Dragon Ball Z and a few other movies. Its the best. Cant
compare streaming video and lack of the shows I want to watch to an actual

Botsis Anargyros says:

No way prosumer Camcorders ( especially the 4k ones, Blackmagic Hero
palmable video cameras like the Hero 4 ). And no way Prosumer handheld
digital cameras

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